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Romantic Love Notes For Him

Sending Romantic Love Notes for Him is a brilliant idea to surprise your boyfriend.   Love is the best emotion known to man and sometimes it must be expressed to strengthen the relationship. Pour down your love and emotions on romantic love notes for him and let him feel special with your love messages.  Romantic Love Notes for Him must be short and simple to convey your love message to him. Speak out the genuine feelings through romantic love notes for him, rather than stretching it to be long and lengthy love messages. Guys generally don’t have much time and patience to read the long love letters, so make your love notes short and simple to express your message to him.

Cute love notes for him can be delivered in many other romantic ways but writing it on a paper and delivering as pleasant gift is best among all. You can show all your creativity of being in a relation by writing romantic love notes for him and keeping it secretly under his pillow or wallet to surprise your partner. Like, you can leave a mark of lipstick by your kiss on love note for him to make it more romantic. Romantic love notes for him can be funny, romantic or simple cute.  Get the collection of different types of love notes and create your own romantic love note for him to have a healthy relationship with your boyfriend.

Romantic Love Notes For Him

Top 10 Romantic Love Notes for Him

1. “I love you sweetheart you are the world to me”
2. There are 12 months in a year…30 days in a month…7 days in a week…24 hours in a day…60 minutes in an hour…but only one like you in a lifetime.
3. You love has made me… wealthy beyond my dreams.
4. “It’s been said that you only truly fall in love once, but I don’t believe it. Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again”
5. “Nobody tells fish to swim, birds to fly, cows to moo, dogs to bark – they just do. Just like nobody tells
6. “You may never see how much I care for you. You may never hear how much I treasure you. You may never feel how much I miss you. Coz only here in my heart can you see them true.
7. “Without you my life has no meaning My dreams have no reality and my aims Have no focus. I love you.
8. “To the world you are one person, but to one person you are the world.”
9. “Whatever you do, I’ll walk with you. Hope that your every dream would come true. Anytime, anywhere, I’ll always be there. Wish you love and happiness because I care.”
10. “If rain drops were kisses, I could send you showers. If hugs were seas I send you oceans. And if love was a person I send you me”

Funny Love Notes for Him

1. Our love affair would be on probation for a period of three months and depending on compatibility, would be made permanent. Of course, upon completion of probation, there will be continuous on the job training and performance appraisal schemes leading up to promotion from lover to spouse.

2. I request you to kindly respond within 30 days of receiving this letter, failing which, this offer would be cancelled without further notice and I shall be considering someone else. I would be happy, if you could forward this letter to your sister, if you do not wish to take up this offer.

3. Let me start by saying that I thank God every night since I found you. You came into my life when everything seemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way.

4. I feel as if I’m walking over clouds just thinking about you. You make my life complete. I know you’ve said we could do foolish things while in love, but you know what? With you I wouldn’t mind being a fool for the rest of my life. I love you so much and I know you love me too.

5. I know that others looking into our relationship might think that we’re saying too many foolish things too soon but they just don’t know how we feel about each other. There’s nothing foolish about the things I’ve told you, I meant every word I said.

Cute Love Notes for Him

1. You are perfect sweetheart and your love for me is perfect.
2. You are always on my mind I just can’t stop thinking about you.
3. You make me feel loved, you enrich my soul you complete my life with your love.
4. You are my life and soul Sweetheart, you are everything to me.
5. I miss you my love whenever you are not with me I miss your voice, your smile and foremost your love.

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