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Romance Verses Love

True love is a feeling which cannot come and go easily, it is bridge between two hearts that connects ever and forever. Love is spiritual growth of two partners and enhances the feeling of love, care and sacrifice in the individual. On the other side when we feel excited, nervous and thrilled that we have feeling of romance for our partner.

Love is a deep feeling which cannot be created or destroyed and romance is excitement which comes and goes like weather. Romance comes with love but love does not come with romance.  Romance has all the temporary fun and excitement with it which gives immense pleasure to individual. Romance is a drug which creates euphoria, vitality and energy in your body and feels that someone is actually completing you and has potential to make you perfect human being but that’s not true no one else can ever make you feel complete. It’s you only who has to enhance your thinking and cultivate all your qualities which you are finding in somebody else.

Romance is illusion and it will leave your mind as the effects of Euphoria ends and Love is reality which gives you strength and make you to be perfect or Mr. Right. It does not allow you to search for anyone else but complete you within yourself. You can’t love someone till you are complete and happy in yourself.  Love enhance your own capabilities and gives you reason to love yourself first and strengthen our self and it never demands changes and the biggest thing is love demands us doing compromise and sacrifice for others.

Love is name of commitment and romance has no surety and assurance of being together.  Romance depends on moods and expectations and on other side love has just dependency that is trust. When you are in love, the first priority is your care for your partner more than his presence. Romance demands togetherness and love demands happiness of the partner.


Romance Verses Love Poem

Romance is fleeting, but love is long.
Romance is flying, but love is a safe landing.
Romance seeks perfection, but love forgives faults.
Romance anguishes as it waits for the phone to ring
to bring a voice that says sweet things,
but love is the anguish of waiting for a call that assures
you someone else is safe and happy.
Romance is suspense, anticipation and surprise, but love is dependability.
Romance is dancing in the moonlight, gazing deep into desired eyes,
but love is saying, “You’re tired, honey, I’ll get up this time.”
Romance is delicious, but love nourishes.

cal June 3, 2022 at 12:35 pm

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