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Top 5 Exclusive Proposal Ideas For This Propose Day

The most romantic week of the year has already initiated. And if you really have someone with whom you can take the relationship to the next level, then it is the best time to hell him or her your heartfelt feelings. On February 8, when the world is celebrating Propose Day you must take your chance and tell your partner how much special he or she is in your life. Just raising the question on a dinner date is really old school method. Here we will guide you by providing some wonderful proposal ideas to express your love.

Public Marriage Proposal: Call to the favourite radio channel of your partner and ask them to air your proposal followed by a romantic number on your behalf. Make sure your partner will be listening to that music station at that time. If you are looking for the more lavish way, then you can publish a full-page ad on the newspaper. You can imagine the level of happiness she will get after viewing the exclusive surprise.


Public Marriage Proposal
Filmy Style Proposal: Not only girls, even boys also like to be pampered in filmy style. Remember the last scene of the movie Pretty Woman where Richard Gere came in a white limo with a bunch of flower in hand to proclaim his love to Julia Roberts. You can also book a limo or horse chariot for the evening, welcome her with a bunch of red roses, take her to a specially arranged cozy and isolated dinner date and finally propose her just like the prince charming. You can also quote proposal lines from her favourite rom com movie.


Destination Proposal: If your partner has the gene of globe-trotting and love travelling, then plan a romantic gateway to a coveted destination. You can take help of the hotel to decorate the room and make all the designed preparations. You can use the rose petal decoration on the bed to spell out ‘Will you marry me?’ Arrange champagne, cake and chocolate to celebrate the special moment. On the other hand, you can also propose her on the flight using the loudspeaker system when both of you are 30,000 ft above.


Destination Proposal
Flash Mob Proposal: Arrange a flash mob to express your feelings towards your partner. You can contact the local dance or drama group to make the arrangements. Suggest them the favourite tune of your partner and choreograph the dance accordingly. On the evening, take her to the shopping mall or railway station where the flash mob will break and finally, they will be holding the banner ‘Will you marry me?’ on your behalf.


Movie Interval Proposal
Movie Interval Proposal: If your partner is a movie buff, then it is the best way to propose for you. Make a slideshow of your pictures from first meeting to present with notes about your feeling towards your partner and finally the four magic words. Contact the movie theater and ask them to play the slideshow during the interval.

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