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How To Propose For Marriage

How to propose for marriage is a big question to almost every couple in a relationship. No matter how long you have been in a relationship but asking for her whole life, love and commitment is a very big thing. And it not only needs courage and confidence but also planning and some serious thinking to come to a decision like proposing for marriage.  The best tip for marriage proposal is to know your girl well and plan the things accordingly. All human beings are different in their own way and it’s only you who knows your girl very well. So just take a deep breath and take your call whether you want to marry this girl or not and if she the one you have been looking for.


The more and more love and respect you feel for her in your heart. The more it will be evident to her in your proposal for marriage. Therefore you should always be sure about your decision and then only consider proposing your girl for marriage. To propose for marriage is a life time decision and will constitute an important memory of both of your lives.

How To Propose For Marriage


So make it more romantic and impressive to your partner with the ideas to propose for marriage given below. Secure a positive answer with our thoughtful and one of the best ideas to propose for marriage.


Best Ideas To Propose For Marriage


  • Be sure about her choice- You must be sure about her choice while deciding on how to propose for marriage. If she is romantic or extrovert then your proposal must be creative and extravagant. But if she likes to keep things private and is introvert in nature then propose her in the simplest and the sweetest way and at a low profile place where it’s just between you and her. You should say a few words about your relationship and the beautiful time you both have spent together and then go forward with your proposal for marriage. Make it memorable for both of you with some sweet lines.
  • The venue of proposal- It is very much important to choose the perfect venue for your proposal. Think about the places you both have thought of going to or have been there and spent some quality and romantic time together.  Give her the most pleasant surprise of her life by proposing her for marriage at her favourite place. Let the proposal venue compliment the words of your proposal. There are many options for marriage proposal venue like your favourite restaurant, a beautiful garden, a historical site your mate is in love with. You can also consider your own house for proposing her for marriage. If you are choosing your own house then to make it more extraordinary you should create a romantic ambience. The best will be to propose her when she is least expecting it. For instance, when she has just woke up or just after spending some passionate time with her in the bed. You should also make sure to spend some romantic time with your lovely better half after proposing her for marriage. That will definitely add to the beautiful memory.
  • Best words- When you are proposing your mate for marriage, you should put in some effort to find the best words to say those magical words. Find out some of the best words from some Victorian era poems and proses. Proposing for marriage in extra sweet words will not hurt her sentiments, even if it does not sound like you. Give words to some of your best memories with her and convey her that she is the most important part of your life. Simply focus on the difference she has made in your life and all the good time she has given you. And then express all your love and feelings in the best possible way. Tell her all the reasons why you chose her as your life partner. Let her know that she possess all the qualities that you always wanted in your partner. And tell how lucky you are feeling to have her in your life. Remember that the words should directly come from your heart. Romantic poems and songs can also help you a lot in your proposal for marriage and make your moment special and cute.
  • Choose the Right Moment- If at the last moment, you face some obstacles in executing your plan, then you should hold back. Do not rush if you don’t find the situation suitable for a marriage proposal. It is best to wait to make it special.
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