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Love Omens

Love omens are nothing but nature’s indicators of change. Omens are considered a phenomenon which indicates future. Signs and Omens of Love can either be positive or negative. In ancient times, the meaning and significance of the love omens was interpreted by the professional omen readers. And contrary to the belief there is no religious connotation attached to the omens and nor are the love omens associated with black magic.


Signs and Omens of Love can help you predict your love life and rectify the flaws. A love omen also helps you detect if your lover is cheating on you or is about to leave. Also there are few indicators like nose itch etc. which warns you of any future consequences and also gives you hope and positivity.


Love Omens


Navigate through the subsequent segment to find more about the Signs and Omens of Love and their respective meanings. The list of popular love omens will also warn you about certain implications of some actions.


Famous Love Omens


  • Sneezing is very much related to love omens. Sneezing on Thursday indicates that you will be kissing a stranger; if you are constantly sneezing on Saturday then you will meet your love on the coming Sunday. The best and most commonly known sneezing omen is when two lovers sneeze together at the same time, it brings good fortune.


  • If the right side of your body is itching, it is real good for you as it shows that your lover is thinking about you. Nose itches says that you have a secret admirer and if you have itching on the lips, it will make you kiss your true love very soon. Also if you have consistent itching on your elbow, it is an indication that you will have a physically intimate relation with someone in the near future.


  • As red roses are famous for love; black roses are signs of bad luck in love. Lilacs are another flower which are proved as bad luck for love and must be avoided specially on valentine day. Another flower, daisy can tell you how many years are left for your marriage, stand in a field of daisies and with closed eyes pluck some of them; the numbers of daisies in your hands are number of years you are left for your marriage.


  • Friday is considered as good day for love as it is ruled by the Goddess of love Venus, so always mail your love letters on Friday or go on a first date on this day of the week to bring fortune and prosperity in your love life.


  • A pearl on an engagement ring induces sadness and unhappiness to the marriage.


  • German people believe that when a man wipes his hands on a girl’s apron; he will fall in love with her.


  • If you give your lover a handkerchief as a gift, you will never marry him.


  • Eating honey and egg together is also believed to be one of the Signs and Omens of Love and can cure love sickness.


  • A woman should never lend her comb to her lover as it can cause her to lose her mate to other woman.


  • Valentine day is the day of love and romance and there is a special indication attached with spotting some birds on this day. Continue reading below to find out what they imply-
    Bluebird- it signifies that your future love will be cheerful
    Crossbill- the bird means your life partner will be argumentative
    Robin- the sight of this bird means that you will be marrying a sailor
    Blackbird- it indicates that you will tie the knot with a clergyman or priest
    Yellow bird- is a sign of wealth. It denotes that you will marry a rich person
    Sparrow- spotting a sparrow means that your better half will be a farmer
    Dove- the bird is a symbol of peace and harmony. It means that your life partner will be peace loving and patient.
    Woodpecker- if a female consistently spots a woodpecker in her vicinity, it symbolizes that she will never marry.
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