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Love Mythologies

Love is a psychological need which is assertive. The more you get, the more you ask for. Love mythologies have also portrayed this reality and have connoted differently the concept of this great sentiment. Here are a few well-known legendary love stories that have inspired the values of love for many generations now. These love mythologies have been preached since time immemorial and has been quoted to make people understand the meaning and essence of true love. These love stories inspire and motivate you to devote yourself to love.


“In love, one and one are one.” Jean John Sartre once remarked. Well said by the renowned philosopher. The basis of selfless love is this thoughtful statement, to give your 100 per cent and be one with your mate. Whether you believe in the concept of love or not, these love mythologies do take you on a philosophical and idealistic journey to the lands of platonic love. So take out some time and read these love mythological accounts from across cultures and civilisations to please your senses. These love mythologies are also a good pick for a romantic story telling evening.


love mythologies


Listed below are few famous love stories or mythological accounts from various civilisations that have become a part of the folk lore and have been told and re told for generations. Keep reading to know all about the love mythologies of which everyone knows something.


Love Mythologies


Greek Love Mythologies


Aphrodite – The Goddess of affection who is often compared to the Roman Goddess Venus, Phoenician Astarte and the Babylonia Ishtar. It is not clear from the Greek accounts that whether she was daughter of Zeus or she leapt from the sea. She was not trustworthy to her partner – Hephaestus, the god of flame.

She was the most wonderful actresses and hence, got applauds from London. As per the Ancient myth, she had an unmatched elegance and invincible appeal to others. To her – myrtle increased, the apple and poppy were holy and in the creature community – sparrow dove, swan and take were holy.

Narcissus – A wonderful younger generation described in the Ancient myth who denied the ambiance of the nymph Replicate. He was reprehended to tumble madly excited about his own expression in the share. The position where he passed away, a vibrant plant jumped up which was later, known as after him.

Roman Love Mythologies

Cupid – He is the god of affection in Roman myth. He was the son of Venus and Mercury and dropped excited about a deadly lady – Mind and body. They cud not remain together and hence, his ambiance led to loss. In the past few years – Cupid is portrayed as a little child like being with pizza. This type also has a bow and pointer with a heart connected to its tip. It is considered that if, cupid arrows anybody then, that individual would tumble madly for each other.

Indian Love Mythologies

There are testimonies and misconceptions associated with the Native indian love myth. Excellent epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata has filed enchanting testimonies. Wonderful and love mythologies of Hindu god and actresses are very well-known. Musical version of Kalidas’s Meghadutam and Abhijnanashakuntalam are very enchanting concept of mythologies of affection.

Legends in Native Indian talk about the ambiance activities between Radha and Krishnan. There are also testimonies of Meera bai’s give up to her magnificent lifestyle in look for of genuine love which is accomplished from the almighty Krishna.

Kama – The god of affection in Hindu myth. He was known to be the most wonderful and eye-catching looking men amongst all the gods and men provide. He was created out of the heart of Designer The almighty Brahma and is portrayed with greenish red skin ornamented with blossoms and decorations. He is considered to be the god of rises and is associated with performers, artists and fairies.

Various societies have defied love differently. Both men and women types of affection character types are provide for each other mythologies. Here is a record from different love mythologies gods and actresses –

Amor or Cupid – god of passion in Roman love mythologies

Aphrodite – goddess of passion and lust in Ancient love mythology

Eros – god of love in Ancient love mythologies

Freya – goddess in Norse love mythologies

Kama – god of delicate in Hindu love mythologies

Rati – goddess of enthusiastic love in Hindu mythology

Venus – goddess of enthusiastic love in Roman mythology

Xochipilli – god in Aztec mythology

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