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We welcome you to the world of True Love Calculators. We know at some point of time you ponder over the question again and again- is your love-bond with your significant-other going to be a roaring triumph or will be the doldrums? Is your relationship is meant to be ‘forever’ or forlorn to fail – Our Real Love Calculators are best to predict that truth for you. Doubt and hesitations hovers on every mind- if he or she is the perfect match to take the boat ahead or not, you might be in love with someone but not sure if that one loves you the same, you never know if your partner is true to you or not, It is just not this and sometimes you get stuck in a relationship where you think- is it worth putting efforts or not.   There are many qualms and fears that a love-mind goes through.

We understand that and are just here to help you out in the gravest of situations to tell what is the best for you. Our love compatibility calculators put to show accurate results and scores on your love bonding with other person. These love calculators base their results on high existent facts and knowledge and gives you the finest results and marks with some guidance according to your abilities. They analyse and signify potency and intensity of love and relationship between two people in percentages. There are also some Love Calculators and Compatibility Games that are just for fun. So be ready to give your love a love-test-check.

Love Calculator

If you are uncertain about skipping into a relationship with someone, use our love calculator and love compatibility games to see what might happen if you do or don’t.

Love Calculators & Compatibility Games

1. NAME- Love Calculator

Knowing that the NAMES are not accidentally chosen and they all have a meaning and purpose behind them. Keeping in mind this fact, we have created a real and accurate Name-Love Calculator to help you find out the compatibility with your partner. It also tells you the chances you have to settle down with your crush or dream mate. You just need to fill your name and your lover’s or crush’s name in the two text boxes. It is very simple to use this Love Calculator. It displays love percentage based on names. Enter your name and the name of your mate/mistress/crush to treasure the Love compatibility & chances of a prosperouslove-relationship.

2. FLAMES- Love Calculator

(FLAMES – Friends, Lover, Affection, Marriage, Enemy, Sister) with this love compatibility calculator evaluate your love and relationship compatibility you destined to share with the person you are looking forward or have just met. Here you just enter your name and the name of the other one who is there in your mind & heart. It will cross out the similar alphabetic letters from the given names and foresees your connection with them using FLAMES (F-Friends L- Lover A- Affection M- Marriage E- Enemy S- Sister). This Love/FLAMES calculator is a cool game to glee the lovers. This is only to amuse and to have fun with; you don’t need to take anything serious. Enjoy this love Game.

3. Date Of Birth – Love Calculator

This Love Calculator calculates the intensity and warmth you share with your loved one and the truth about a relationship between two loving people in percentage. This love calculator is based on person’s date of birth and sometimes on the time one was born, that is why it is exact and accurate. It gives perfect results and advices too, so calculate love percentage between you and your beloved using free online love calculators.

4. Numerology –Love Compatibility Test

Numbers play an important role in one’s life! If we consider numerology then we can say that numbers adds crucial roles when combined with others numbers. According to numerologist each of the numbers 1-9 has a distinct meaning with them. Based on these facts, birth date says many things about one’s personality & traits. These calculations are done by the numerologists when it comes to choose a life partner or to see if the person with whom you are looking forward to have a relationship is the compatible one or not.

5. Astrology –Love Compatibility Calculator

Your zodiac sign and the position of the stars under which you were born are the master-keys to open your fortune that is coming ahead.  They say each and everything about your personality and the fortune you are born with. Astrological love calculators are the accurate ones and are true love compatibility calculator that can predict what kind of bond you are going to share with the person you are looking forward to. Celestial positions of stars and your sun sigh when compared to the other person’s sun sigh can say a lot about you two. You just need to put in yours and your partner’s details about birth- date, time, longitude and latitude of the place the person was born (easily available on the astrology love compatibility sites).

The bottom line – as persons relationships are also not perfect and no partnership is meant to be doomed. Love is the second meaning for sacrifices one made for his/her lover’s happiness. The compromise, hard work one put into loving the other one and the understanding between the two loving souls can result in a successful, life-time relationship.

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