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Love and Intimacy

Any relation with strong bonding and togetherness with acceptance, nurturing and most important unbreakable trust is shared is intimacy.  Intimacy can be made in various types in human being; it has to satisfy the five significant parts of our lives that is physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Intimacy leads to the strongest bonding between the human beings; it can have any way of bonding from physical, emotional or intellectual.


Love Intimacy

Love is the most intimate relation between humans. Love is deep and physical, emotional, intellectual relation or affection with another person. When you are in love with a person, you share all your feelings and get immense pleasure being with them. The warmth feeling and gesture from the other person which is above all the emotions and support from the world is called love intimacy. When two people know each other deeply and shares physical relation with each other as well then it takes their relation to other world where they are connected to each other emotionally too.

Love intimacy helps you to know the person deeply and reduces the space of misunderstandings and arguments. A ritual or marriage can bind the person together but can’t unite them as one but love intimacy by emotional, physical and intellectual relation can make you one.


Emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy can be between friends, partners or any family relation as well. It is deep bonding of sharing your happiness and sorrow with other person and gets sense of security and loyalty in return. Emotional intimacy is much needed by man as they cannot share their deeper pain with anyone else than their close ones only. Man is strong from outside only but woman has much strong emotional sense and can handle their man very well. A woman can give assurance to his man by loyalty and trust and understanding. Emotional intimacy is much needed by love or any other relation which stays for life time.


Physical Intimacy

Romance between the lovers is just not a stage but a strong part of any relation which strengthens the bond between two. Romance is not just spending time together and romancing with each other physically. It is about remembering each other’s special dates and making efforts to make your smile and happy. Being in love and emotionally connected with each other demands to get physically connected and then that connection and time spend with each other physically leads to strengthen the relationship.

When you get physically connected to someone first your mind asks you to do so and after the intimacy and releasing of chemicals from your mind in physical intimacy, you are bound to have a strong relationship and close intimacy with each other.


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