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Love Advice For Men

Men often fumble when it comes to love and romance. Our piece on love advice for men will not only help you to express your emotions but will also guide you to handle all types of romantic situations. Love advice for men can also help you to decide whether it is right time to talk to your girl or not. The relationship advice for men can assist you in approaching a girl in the most suitable manner and taking control of the conversation.


Take help of our love advice for men if you are not good at soothing your lady love when she is sad or annoyed. Even if flowers and chocolates or lovely presents are not doing the trick for your love life, these relationship advices for men will surely do. Likewise if you are the man who do not want to please your loved one with empty words and false hopes, then our love advice will not disappoint you.

Love Advice For Men


These love advice for men will also assist those men who want to take their relationship to the next level. If you find it difficult to express your love, take a cue from the love advice for men and please the love of your life with these subtle love tips.


Here is some love advice for men about how to show your emotions and what exactly you should say to your beloved in a particular situation.


Love and Relationship Advice for Men


How to propose a girl

A girl can be proposed in many ways, but the course of action should be chosen depending on the situation and the taste of your girl. If your lady love is kind of social person and like to be in the lime light then she will like to be proposed in a crowded area like a restaurant or any such place. Some girls are very introvert and want to keep their personal life to themselves, if your girl falls in this category then keep your love proposal sweet and low profile. A word of caution- you should keep your proposal realistic, i.e., do not make any exaggerated claims or do not go over the board with the expenditure.


How to comfort an upset girlfriend

Ups and downs are part of every relationship and ‘love advice for men’ can help you to handle them in a mature way. If your lady is upset because of you then do not let the male ego come between you and admit your mistake and apologize to your beloved without any hesitation. If it is a mutual issue then the first thing you should do is- talk it out. Saying some cheesy words or sending flowers might put it on back seat and make things normal again but it will never resolve that problem. The ideal way to settle any problem or issue that is bothering your lady is to keep yourself calm, listen to her opinion then explain your point of view and come to a conclusion which is mutually acceptable.


How to keep it romantic

Romance helps you to rejuvenate love which has been suppressed because of your busy schedule or changing priorities. Although it is not always possible to make elaborate romantic plans or go out on extravagant dates, but include it in your schedule as and when possible. Besides that, you can keep the flame of romance burning with some sweet gestures and words. It can be anything from sending a cute message at odd hours of the day or going to her place unexpectedly to surprise her or gifting her something without any occasion. You can also please your dream girl by reminding her of her appointments or assisting her in finishing that assignment.


How to read her mood

This is one department where men fail more often than not. It is very important to understand the mood of a girl before talking about anything. If your lady is talking about her problems then you should first listen to her and advise her (if necessary) before asking her to accompany you for that basketball match. If your girlfriend is in a very chirpy mood, it means she wants to do something fun and exciting and wants you to accompany her in that. Similarly, when your girl is talking in a romantic tone, you should not give any suggestive meaning to it. She just wants to cuddle and wants you to reciprocate her feelings. Remember this by heart, do not push the limits with a lady, and take her consent before making any physical advancement. And if you get a negative answer, take it gracefully, like a gentleman.

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