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Missing You Letters

Stop biting your pen cap and staring blankly at the roll of parchment lying before you! The herculean task of composing ‘Missing You Letters’ has just become awfully easy with our arrangement of few sample letters. Missing somebody is a part of showering love on them. After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? Let him know that when he is out of sight, he is NOT out of your mind by mailing ‘Missing You’ Letters To Him. Life is pretty simple you know, it is we who complicate it. More often than not, we are prompt at pointing out grievances while being inexpressive when it comes to professing love and affection. Here’s a great collection of samples of Romantic Love Letters for you to take cue from.

Sending ‘I Miss You’ Letters becomes essential when you and your lover are apart, so as to keep the spark alive. The ugly fact of life is that every body is missing someone or the other. What is uglier is that they can only hope that whoever they’re missing is missing them back too. So, if you are missing somebody special, slide your ego aside and write to him or her. Worried that you do not have the gift of the gab and that you will, as usual, write something while meaning something else entirely? Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you an overwhelming selection of Romantic ‘Missing You’ Letters for an easy yet compelling reference. You cannot go wrong if you adhere to these tips, trust me!

Missing You Letters

Missing You Letters

Glance through these ideas of composing ‘I Miss You’ Letters For Him or Her to get help expressing your heartfelt feelings to your beloved.

Tips To Remember:

– Use easy words. You do not want your lover to keep referring to the dictionary while swimming in a pool of emotion, do you? Moreover, meanings often get lost in translation. So, there.

– Check your grammar before sending it over to him or her. You sure do not want the recipient to correct the mistakes while reading the romantic letter, right?

– Make mentions of happy or funny memories in the content of the letter. Keep sad ones at bay. It is already sad enough that you’re living so far away from your loved one.

– If you’re poetic in your expression of feelings, go ahead. However, don’t get too engrossed in metaphors and similes. Too much of anything is not good, remember?

– Hold your overflowing sentiments. Yes, you are missing your partner dreadfully but getting all depressed and miserable is a big NO.

– Last but not the least, be spontaneous. Only you know the essence of the relationship that has fostered between you and your lover.

Romantic Missing You Letters:

#1. My Life,

If I look at the calendar, it’s been only four months that I have seen your charming face. But when I look inside me, it’s like a century has passed since I last embraced your presence. It seems like my patience has run out and I can’t bear it any more. I miss you every moment of life. I sometimes feel like I need you more than I need oxygen. I don’t find any fun in the office gossips or with friends. All the excitement and pleasure of my life has gone with you. Please finish your project quickly and come back as soon as possible and complete my life. This hollowness in my heart is killing me.
With lots of love.

#2. Dear (name),

If I could ask for a wish right now, I would ask to never be far from you because missing you is a terrible feeling and the noble and wonderful feeling of love is just translated into absence and sadness. If I could ask for a wish right now, I would ask for us never to be apart because when you are near, all my other wishes immediately come true! Having you close by is all I need to be happy!
So, my love, come back soon and promise me you will never make me go through such suffering again, because missing someone who is absent is the saddest feeling of all.

Longing to see you,


#3. Beloved (name),

No matter what happens and how long we will still have to be apart, you will always be in my heart. But I had to write to you today and, in a way, try to sooth this feeling that took over me so strongly!

To miss someone is something you can´t explain; and being a painful consequence of love, it may even be harder to describe than love itself. To miss someone is the desire to be close and be able to see the other person. It´s a wish to repeat certain moments, to relive situations that uplifted our souls. And you know how much your presence has always calmed and, at the same time, cheered me up. I miss the simple things and yet, simple as they may be, they can only come true when you are near. I hope it won´t be long before I can experience those pleasant feelings again!

Waiting for you,

(your name)

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