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Marriage Proposal Letter

You have been acquaintance with her, and then friendships afterwards love; now you have decided to marry her. All the other proposals have been easy but marriage proposal is the toughest thing to do. The fear of losing your ladylove is scaring you very badly. You have lost with words anytime you think to propose her for marriage. Just be relaxed and use the oldest idea of proposing by marriage proposal letter rather than proposing her in public place and saving yourself from embarrassing situation of rejection.
Marriage proposal letter is the oldest idea but it works almost every time. You can pour your heart down in the lovely letter pad and be sure of receiving the affirmative reply by your beloved.


Marriage Proposal Letter Writing Tips

  • Perfect Location– Write a letter in perfect romantic location with fragrance all over. Write a letter in a very good romantic mood which can be seen in the words of your letter.
  • Handwritten Letter– Write a letter in your own handwriting, don’t opt for computer or any writer. Pour all of your emotions and creativity in a letter.
  • Mention your Good Times– Before proposing your girl, make her realize that you both are perfect for each other and had spent a great time together.

Best Marriage Proposal Letter

We have heard a saying that whenever “You come across your partner in life, you heart will became intelligent and tells you that she is THE ONE” I used to laugh on this until the day I met you. I still remember the day you joined our office and sat next to me. The moment I saw you I felt something special for you at that time I didn’t know what it is. But today I know and I admit that I am in love with from the first day I saw you, I like you when I first talked with you and I adore you the day I knew you.
I know the thing I am going to ask you is very special and you would have expected me to say this face to face but as you know me, I am a shy person. My heart is lost somewhere when I see you and I forget everything than you.
We have spent the best time together and I cherish the time I was with you. We have been best friends and I think it’s the right time to take our relation further.  So, sweetheart Will you please marry me??? And make my life wonderful and allow me to give you all the happiness in the world.
Your love

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