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Lost Love Letter

Missing your lost love and sending lost love letters is something every lover thinks about. Almost every relation face lows and highs and some lost their bonding at particular situation and time but living without your love is very hard and it make lovers realize that they are made for each other and can’t be apart. At that situation, writing lost love letter to your soul mate is the best option to overcome all your pain and express your love for each other.

Lost love letters express the feeling of departure and desperation of meeting again. It makes the bonding stronger between the mates as it is written after facing the worst situation of the relationship.

Lost love letters can be written for two situations like making the relation back again or departing from each other by having good mutual talk and memories of old times.


How To Write Lost Love Letter

Don’t hesitate– Just pen down all your feelings and pain you have been suffering by this departure. You are writing this letter to get relief from pain. So write everything you feel.

Do comparisons– The best way to make understand somebody is to do comparisons with past situations or persons. Make your partner realize what changes you both are facing then before after losing each other.

Be Specific– Be specific in your letter, either you want your partner to be back in your life or not. Don’t talk about in a roundabout manner.


Lost Love Letter for Beloved


We have been together for years now. I have lived the best time of my life with you. These two months of our departure have been very tough for me. After the argument we had and like you said that we both have different paths to walk upon, I was trying my best to live without you. Let me tell you that I have been living in your memories of old times in these two months and I have realized that I am nothing without you.

I want to tell you that we can be together again because nothing is much more important than love in this world at least not for me. I will follow just your path and nothing else. My priorities have changed now and now they have changed forever. I am pretty sure that you feel the same for me. We can be together again with the more love and affection for each other. I am waiting for your support which I always need to breathe.

Your lost love

cal June 3, 2022 at 11:29 am

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