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Long Distance Love Letter

Many of the lovers have to suffer the pain of departure from each other. They are not lucky enough to share their feelings with each other face to face.  They feel the same way as others do and want to spend time together and make the best moments of life. Today’s time there is so much technology in the world to connect to each other but everyone would  agree that even today the love showed in love letters don’t have any comparison with phone messages and emails. Long distance love letter have so much pain and love for each other. Lovers pour their emotions of being apart and desperation to meet each other.


Long Distance Love Letter Writing Tips

Be it personnel– Don’t listen to anyone and just be yourself. Write down all the dreams and illusion you are making without him/her. Use your own words to express the feelings.

Handwritten it– The handwritten letters have more impact than e-mailing and MS-word editing.  The emotions will be more influencing by your own handwriting.

Love quotes– You can add some love quotes to add more sentiments and meaning to your emotions. Let him/her realize that you have been thinking for him/her all the time and had done hard work for writing him/her letter.


Love Letter For Long Distance Relationship

My love,
I have never thought of being apart from you. The first day I met you and I decide that I am going to spend my whole life with you. The day you accepted my proposal, my best time started from there and I am very much sure that this great opportunity of business also has come up by good luck only in my life. We are living far away from each other for some time but I am sure we both can do it for our bright future.

Truly say, I don’t miss you because I feel you all the time with me. You are in my mind and heart 24*7. I take every decision as you are part of me. “True Love” is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. Our true love will also help us to face this period of time and we will be together again very soon. Just listen to your heart and nobody else and you will not feel the pain anymore.  I am waiting for your reply desperately and I am sure the letter from you will encourage me and will give me strength to do best.
With lots of love

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