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I Love You Letter

I love you are those special three words which can change the life of an individual. The most special moment in lover’s life is to exchange their love feelings with their significant one. I love you letter help the entire shy and introvert lovers to express their emotional and romantic feelings to their partner in a brio of love flowing from years. I love you are those three words which everyone wants to hear from their beloved and share the lovely moment of love and romance. I love you letter is the biggest asset for lovers from their partner. A love letter helps to express your feelings and love to your soul mate in a most romantic way of expressing and as well as creating a token of love for life time.

I love you letter can say all those things which you have not said for long time but wanted to say to your partner. Writing letter is best idea for relieving yourself from the pain of love. By expressing love to your partner, you are sure to get a pleasure of seeing your partner’s smile.

I Love You Letter

For writing I love you letter, you don’t need to be a writer but a true lover and you just need to pour your heart on the piece of paper with beautiful and meaningful words.

I Love You Letter Writing Tips

To the Point- Write your love letter to the point. Be specific in the letter about feelings and love to your sweetheart rather than talking about irrelevant things in the precious letter of your relationship. Don’t make her confuse and irritated by talking round and round.

Good Ambience- Make good ambience around you to write good and positive love letter. Ambience affects the thinking and mood a lot. It is very much necessary to have a good ambience while writing. Be alone in your room and put your lover’s picture in front of you to be in good romantic mood and don’t forget to get flowers to calm yourself and think beautifully.

Write about love Incidents/Moment- Make her feel special by mentioning her small acts. Girls love to talk and listen about their special moments of love in their life. And the most surprising and pleasant thing to a girl is to know about some loving incident from her lover which even she has forgotten or she has loved and admired the most.  In your loving you letter mention all the positive things about her who have made you to love her more and more. Write down the incidents you both have shared and which have mainly attracted you towards her.

Best I Love You Letter

My love

It has been the best 3 months of my life. I have adored every moment I spent with you. I still remember the day I first met and saw a charm in your face which fascinated me by the first view. By that I understood the meaning of First-sight love. Gradually we start talking and became friends then our friendship curved into Love relation which is the most treasurable relation of my life. Your words still utters in my heart, your first touch made me goose bumps and the pour of sentiments which I have never felt in my life before.

You have understood me without any explanation. You loved me for what I am. You found the best in me which has not ever seen and noticed by anybody else. You have completed me with your love and passion and I feel great to have you in my life. Thank you would be very small word for your love and support, so I’ll just say that I love you and would do it till my life ends.

Your love

2nd I love you letter

My heart beat,

I don’t know how to begin to express my gratefulness for you. I can’t imagine my life without you. You mean so much to me–more than you could possibly know. My life has become so entwined, that i simply can’t live without you anymore. Our love has grown as we’ve laughed together, cried together and through it all we’ve grown. All along, I’ve known that there’s a special quality about you. You have reached the core of my heart in a very magical way which has enlightened the light of hope and happiness in my life. You make me feel like I can accomplish anything.

I imagine how great every hour, every minute, and every second would be if you were here with me and then the thought makes me smile and happy with your charming smile in my mind. Every night, when I lie in bed, I dream that you’re beside me, holding me close to you. If you were, I’d whisper in your ear, how much I love you. Since you came into my life nothing has been the same. My happiness starts with your name and ends at your name. With you by my side I have experienced and tasted a beauty that the world has never think of. I’m incomplete without you, and I’ll never stop loving you. You’re the world to me; you’re my best friend, a favorite song that I want to end in my life. And together is where we should be always. Someday, I pray that you’ll walk through the door and take this heartache and will utter all those three special words in my ears with your musical voice.

Waiting eagerly for U,

Your love

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