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How To Write A Love Note

Love letters are as old as love itself. It is a more intimate and prudent way to convey your feelings. Many people find letters more expressive and romantic than verbal expression. Love letters are very useful tool for people who are not verbally expressive or constantly need to rephrase conversations. Writing a love letter is not difficult but writing a good love note is not every one’s cup of tea. So how to write a love notes which will convey your true feelings and does magic for you?

Here is the answer to your problem. A love letter should not just convey the message but convey it beautifully. It is an art, so be imaginative and bring out the artist in you. It is very crucial to put your thoughts in a clear and simple language. You have to understand how to write a love note which is your own and is not exaggerative. You can also be poetic or can quote some author or poet. But use only such quotes which go well for your romance. Valentine carnival has listed the required tips for writing love notes and quotes; you can take help of our quotes and poems section for this.

You also need to have some understanding of your partner’s psyche. If your lover is romantic, flatter him/her with some cheesy lines like ‘you mean the world to me’ or ‘having you by my side makes me feel like I am the richest person of the world’.

How To Write A Love Note

If he/she is a practical person, do not get carried away with words. Keep your thoughts grounded. If you will claim to get her stars, she might just ask you to get them that very moment! But that does not mean you can’t write sweet things to him/her, just be practical.

Tips for Writing A Love Letter


  • While writing a love letter, the presentation should be attractive. You can write on a scented or colourful paper, preferably his/her favourite color and scent. Else you can get your beloved’s favorite film star or personality printed as the background image of your letter. Always go for black or royal blue ink, it will make your letter look elegant and classy.
  • If you are writing a digital or e-letter, keep the background colour light and subtle. The font should not be too small or too large. Try to use minimum SMS lingos.
  • Your concern should be- How to write a love letter which is authentic? Well, to write original and heart felt content, you have to set the mood. Sit alone, think of all the good things in your relationship and pour your heart on to the paper.
  •  If you call your loved one with a special name, use that as salutation. Else you can go for something like- To ‘The person who makes my heart melt’ or ‘The Girl who makes me Laugh’ or ‘Someone who makes my life Beautiful’. These salutations are apt when you know the person for a short while.
  • You should not sound like a ‘wanna be’ or ‘copy cat’ when writing a love note. Be careful not to use the same cliché phrases like ‘I will do anything for you’ or ‘I will give you anything you want’. These lines might not please a practical or mature person. However if you really mean such things, rephrase them like- I will do whatever I can to make you happy or I might not have billions but will always treat you like a princess!
  • The content of your letter should include these points- How it feels to be with him/her? What are the things you like about your mate? If you both have future plans, write about things you will do for your beloved in coming time.
  • Do not forget to write about such events which really moved you. Give details of the incident and your feelings at that moment. This will convey that you care about the person and cherish the time you spend with your spouse.
  • Also it is very important to write grammatically correct love letter. You should clearly know the meanings of the words you are using in your love note. So it is important to write a love note in a language you are well versed with.
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