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Goodbye Love Letters

The happiness and sorrow of love is incredible and has no match with any other feeling or relation in this world. The hardest thing in this world is to leave your beloved and writing goodbye love letters to him/her. A last letter which expresses the true feelings of love and pain of being apart from the most adorable person of your life to your beloved partner is goodbye love letter. We can say that sad goodbye love letters can be a sorry and last letter to cajole your upset partner. Or goodbye love letters can heal the pain of breakup by letting each other know that there are situations and circumstances to blame not each of you for the negativity. Sometimes, it’s better to say goodbye than stretching and putting pressure on each other to put energy in died relationship.

Goodbye Love Letters

There are many sample goodbye love letters which will help you to write your own last love letter to your significant one. You can make it so endeavoring love gestures for your partner that it will bring all the positive changes for you. Even if it does not bring any changes it will help you to understand the bitter truth and gives you power to face the situation. There can be any reason of leaving and breaking up the relation and when you are not able to say things in person, sad goodbye love letters helps you to reveal your hidden feelings to your partner.

Valentine Carnival has drafted some emotional and overwhelming goodbye love letters which can coax your partner and make them believe about your love. From the list of sample goodbye love letters select the one which best describe your inner most feelings to your significant one.

Best Goodbye Love Letters

Sample I

My love,

My love I am sorry is not enough to heal the heartbreak. I don’t have the courage to face you, this is the reason I am writing a Goodbye letter to my love “You” When I recall the day you gave me the last hug, your last kiss. I could see the helplessness in your eyes; your eyes could say what you wanted to say. I know you said Goodbye to me but I know you never wanted to leave my side. You never wanted to show your back on me, I would never repent of loving you my love. Even after a month of last seeing you and knowing that we can’t be together still not a minute goes by when I don’t think what I can do to get you back. The separation of our love just because of your parent’s disagreement hurts me even more. The love which we have shared has been thrashed by someone who doesn’t even know the depth of our love that we have for each other.

When you read this love letter please think of all the times we have spent with each other and ask yourself can you live without me my love? I could never imagine writing a goodbye letter, but here I am spreading my arms and waiting to have you my love by my side for rest of the life.

Your beloved lover

Sample II

Dear Simon,

As I had already told you that I am leaving New York and shifting to Canada, so I want to say goodbye to you. Don’t think that I am leaving you. You are and will always be with me and my love for you will be same. You mean everything to me and I have taken this step to give you all the happiness of this world.

Sweetheart you know that I have completed my studies and I got a job in New York so it is now necessary to shift there.  I don’t want to leave you but I need to pave the road that leads me to you and want to make myself answerable to all the questions which could be the hurdle of our life.

It is very hard to live without you but I want you to be with me forever and for that we have to make this sacrifice. Simon we know that we love each other and it is enough for us and the material world doesn’t matter for us but there are others also who want to know more than love. I know that my sweet angel is with me and understands me.

Simon, I love you and I need your support because without it I can’t move even a step. Sweetheart I’ll be back soon. But for now I have to say goodbye to you.

My sweet angel please take care
Only and always yours,

cal June 4, 2022 at 11:39 am

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