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Funny Love Letter

Put some fun in your love; make your beloved interested in you. Write some funny love letter for your boyfriend, to make him realize that you don’t just love him either you can make him laugh and happy with your words.  You and your beloved has been love and must have spent time sharing jokes and some light moments. Pen down the things which you are sure can make your partner smile and cherish the memories of old times. The funny love letters are collection of sweet memories which you both can share in your dark moments and change them into the light moments of love and fun.There are some tips to write a funny love letter to your beloved.


Funny Love Letter Tips for Beloved

Some funny drawing
Draw a funny drawing of your partner or something special between you too. Write words with serious love and let him realize that you intentionally made it funny. Just draw his picture or any gift given by him and write down his name on it. He/ she definitely have smile or laugh to your creativity.abominable snowman inflatable

A sweet funny memory of you too
Pen down one incident on which you both have laughed out loud like you both bought same gift for each other or you both went at different place because of miscommunication. You did something stupid some time ago to make up things for him. Any funny stupid memory which you believe is worth to remember always.

End up the letter with romantic fun
This is your love letter don’t forget to mention something which can make him/ her remember the bonding of laugh and love between you two.  Any relation is strong by the hard times and cherishes the memories of fun time.

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