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Divorce Letters

Letter writing is an art. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is particularly difficult a task when you have to pen down your feelings. Especially when you have to write a divorce letter, you have a hard time figuring out where to start and how to end. When it comes to how to write a divorce letter, you have to pay special attention to the tone of the letter. You have to be careful to not to sound offensive or needy. You should ensure that you do not end on a bitter note. The best divorce letter will be one which can eliminate all the differences or grievances you both have. Your divorce letter should ensure that you stay friends with your spouse for the rest of your lives.

A divorce is never an easy decision. But after you have taken the bold step, there is no going back. But a divorce should not hurt your ego or leave you with hard feelings. You should make peace with it and move on in life. It should not be considered as a blow to your self- esteem. Rather accept it like a humble person. After all you did have a nice time with your better half. You have shared a beautiful relation with your spouse. It is sad that you people burnt out. But that is no reason to hurt your partner. In fact you should end the relation with dignity and move on in life.

Divorce Letters

But if you have difficulty writing the divorce letter, do not worry. You have clicked the right link. Valentine Carnival has listed the tips to write the best divorce letter and a sample letter in the next section.

How to Write a Divorce Letter


  • You should take due care not to blame your partner in the divorce letter for any past event. Surely those things have been discussed several times now. This letter is more of a good bye letter. It is meant to extend an olive branch to the departing partner.
  • In your divorce letter talk about some of the good memories you people have together. You can also confess certain funny things like you never liked that pasta she used to cook or tell him that the red shirt is hideous. You should also reveal that secret you kept from her for long. There is no harm in being honest. Your partner will respect your confession. As you revealed it when in fact you could have concealed it without being caught.
  • You must end the divorce letter on a positive note. You must mention that he/she will always have a special place in your life. Wish your ex a bright happy life. You can also give some dating tips or a professional advice in the divorce letter. You must not write things like- I am so relieved to get rid of you or it feels good to not see your face every morning. Even if it is true.

Sample Letter:

Dear Edward

This might be the last time I am contacting you. But that does not mean you are no longer a part of my life. You will always have a special seat in my heart. When I met you for the first time 5 years back, I planned my life with you. I am sorry that it has ended this way. But I do not blame you for all that happened. We both were together in this.

It was nice to share my house with you. I will always miss your coffee and will soon have to find a gardener! By the way, next time when you go out on a date do not wear that purple shirt. It makes you look older. Forgive me for this, but it was me who accidently dropped the apple juice on your jacket not the dog. I am really grateful to you for your unconditional support throughout. Thanks for being my best friend and guide. I learned a lot from you. It is really hard saying good bye.

Hope to see great things from you in future. I promise that I will never interfere in your life from now on. But will always be there if you ever need my help. Good luck!



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