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Creative Ways To Send Love Letters

Love letters have been the most important part of any love story. They have their significant role to play in the lives of lovers. Love letter is a wonderful memory, a pleasant gift, adorable gesture and an unforgettable expression of love of soul mates. Love letters are very important and special so as the sending of letters.  Creative ways to send a love letters is quite helpful for lovers as it make the cherishing experience more enthusiastic and loving for the partners.

Creative ways to send love letters to your partner is one of the ways to say your feelings to your special one.  Make your partner feel special and adored by you by using innovative and creative ways to send love letters on special occasions and to make any usual day special for him/her. Love letters does not any particular time or situation to send but yes the there must be creative ways to send love letters to make them more exotic experience for your mate.

Creative ways to send love letters

Dates Love Letter-  These love letters are quite special and memorable for both of you as it gives a life time memory. If you are leaving your partner for some time due to any reason and you really don’t want to. Then the best option for true lovers is to pen down all your love and feelings of love on the papers. Decide the time gap according to you and write down the dates on all the letters you have written for your love.  When you are just about to leave, give all the love letters in a beautiful packet and ask your partner to open all the letters on the specific dates. It will be a wonderful memory for your love by you.

On a Romantic Date- After a full day of romantic date, make it more special and surprising for your love by fizzle your date with a romantic love letter. This is one of the most creative ways of sending love letter.  Outside your letter give it a tag line of our first date. Mesmerize your date by letting her know that your first day has been remembered and cherished by you. Let her read the love letter at home and feel you as his only and first love of life by emphasizing on every single thing of your first day in your letter.

Letter hunt- We all have enjoyed playing treasure hunt in our childhood. Revive the childhood memory in more creative and romantic way for your partner. Hide your love letter in her/his home and give him some hints to find it. Make some rules and put a time bound to make it more interesting and nerve wrenching.  Get a present also for your partner for finding and hunting the love letter at its time. This will surely rejuvenate love in your hearts.

10 Ways to send love letters

  1. Message in a bottle
  2. Love letter by your finger prints
  3. On breakfast table
  4. Floating love letters
  5. With a present
  6. On a special place
  7. Hide it inside pillow
  8. Packed love letter and serve it with dinner
  9. Like an ole one, love letter by the dove
  10. Set your love letter as a screen saver
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