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Love Confession Letters

Confession of love is very important at a right time. This is something which is very hard to do and many of the lovers find it very scary also to do it face to face. It is very hard to accept the rejection and acceptance also. While confessing the love for your partner, there is always a fear of losing your special friend and a bonding. Love confession is a relief for your heart and it may start a new phase of life with lots of love. Writing a love confession letters is best option to avoid the embarrassing moment of happiness and sorrow in front of your partner.

love confession letter

Tips for Writing Love Confession Letter

  • Be Honest– while writing the confession letter, don’t lie a single word. Just be honest and write everything you felt for the person you love.
  • Don’t be Impulsive– Write the letter by thinking twice, don’t be impulsive and be sure of every word you write. Impulsiveness can spoil the things and make it other way. Have patience and show it in your words.
  • Maintain your Dignity– Just pour your heart in the letter but don’t make an impression of desperate person. Maintain your dignity by using proper words which can express your love but will not show your scarcity of emotions.


Best love Confession Letter

The day I saw you and then we start talking to each other and became friends. We have shared the best and worst time of our life together.  I have spent the best moments with you. You have understood me more than anybody else in this world. You stood by me when I needed you the most. I feel so secure and safe in front of your eyes. You have made me the person I should be.  People and friends around me have noticed the change in me after meeting you.


Last night I was just thinking about the ups and downs of my life and I found you everywhere in my life. I feel this is the right time to tell you that I am in love with you from the first day I saw you. I have realized this thing quite later and I don’t want to make it more delay. I am very sure that you feel the same for me and we will make the best couple of the world. As it said by many people that the friendship is the base of love and we are best friends.
Love of life


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