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Break Up Letters

Break up letters are tough to write since it makes you walk through the path of pain.You had great memories with your beloved but even now might feel the same as you both used to. You don’t want to spoil the memories but also at the same time need to discontinuing the relationship . Break-up letter can help you to avoid the embarrassing situation of getting apart and arguing and blaming each other.


Break-Up Letter Tips

Talk about your best moments of the past in the starting of the letter. Write down the things you will remember of your relationship and praise him/her for being there in your support at your low points in life.
Be specific and straight forward about the reason of breaking-up. Don’t leave any queries to stretch in future. Use polite and sober words even for showing mistakes of your or your partner. Don’t forget to assure your partner for friendship. Show the courtesy to be there in future also at the time of needs.


Best Break-Up Letter

Dear (Name of the receipient)

I have spent the best time of my life with you, I still remember the day I met you and cherish the first glance of your smile. You have come into my life for a reason and now anyone around me can understand that reason. I am changed person now. I have much strength in me, more confident and much positive and optimistic attitude towards life. God has been so divine to me that he has sent you as the angel for me to pull me up from adversity.

The time has changed now in a very bitter way, the things are not going as parallel as it used to be. I don’t want to spoil the best memories of my life by arguments and silly fights as we are having now. I believe that I had limited time for my happiness and the time has gone. I have to accept that fact I am not enough lucky to have you in my whole life and be happy.

Hope to be in touch and be friends in future. I just wish you all the luck and I am sure you will get the perfect soul to complete you emotionally and practically also.

Your’s sorrowfully (name of the sender)

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