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Kinds Of Love

Love is basic for any relation, love is divine and unconditional. Love is the purest feeling a human can have. Many of researchers, psychologist, philosophers, writers, poet and even scientist have tried to understand love but still no one can be sure about the definition. Love is a feeling which can be felt but not expressed in any words.

Affection, infatuation, care, liking, devotion, romance, togetherness, completeness all the feelings a human feels for someone very close is part of Love but not exactly. These all feelings combine and make love but not separately.  There is famous theory which says that love has five kinds which shows a stage of human heart which crosses one by another as a relation grows but it is not necessary that it grow till the end. Many of relations are just not capable of crossing a first stage or just happy to get enough of each other.


Different Kinds of Love

Epithumia – It is a big misconception that epithumia is feeling of lust but it is not true, it is a kind of love which desire for partner desperately and nothing else in the world. This feeling is discordant only if the desire for partner is uncontrollable and leads to create problem for both the partners. But epithumia is best and controllable if the desire turns to be a physical context with your partner which makes both the partner feel more strong feelings and closeness to each other. It has two faces positive or negative, depending on the human behavior.

Eros- Eros is erotic feeling of love which has romance and excitement for the partner. This feeling is unsustainable and tough to handle as all you want is your partner. Every decision and every single act is related to your partner and lovers do not see anything else interesting in the world than their partner. Scientist says that this type of love has very short life may be 18 to 24 months then either it ends or change into other form of love.

Storage–   Storage love as its name shows is a safe and comfortable love for each other. This time takes time to grow and has very pure feelings of affection and belongingness. The partners have mutual understanding and respect for each other. Many couples misunderstood the greatest feeling of storage love as boring and mundane but it is not. It is strong bonding which has very strong roots of trust and understanding. Just put some spark and be the luckiest one to have this love.

Phileo– This is kind of love which is very desirable and demanding as well.  This love is mostly consumed by great friends who got married and had beautiful relation of comradeship, sharing and communication. They share every secret, fear, dream and feelings with each other which is simply commendable and every one must desire for that strong bonding.

Agape- Agape love is done by the lover who has strength to do sacrifice for his partner and do unconditional love. This kind of love does not desire and demand anything from the partner but do love without any condition. A feeling of love without any romance and togetherness nothing but love your partner and make him happy by doing anything for him is a feeling of agape. In this love, you forget everything but not self-respect that’s only thing a partner saves for him than anything else.

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