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How to Save Your Marriage

If your marriage is going through a crisis or you are facing problems in holding it together, here are some thoughtful and tested ways to save your marriage. These simple methods will help you to solve your marriage problems and issues without the help of any marriage counsellor or therapy. The basic ingredients that are required for marriage restoration are patience, understanding and love. And also if you value your marriage then it is not a humongous task to save your marriage.

As they say it takes two people to get married and in the same way it takes both of them to take it in any direction. But to save the marriage from crisis you will have to start from within. First introspect and analyse your behaviour, attitude and the circumstances to find out what has gone wrong or where you are missing. Try rewinding your life a bit and see how far you have come from your initial love filled days. It will motivate you enough to revive that spark all over again.

How to Save Your Marriage

The segment below will take you through the ways to save your marriage. These carefully compiled tips will help you ward off the marriage problems and issues minus the marriage therapy and counselling.

Ways to Save Your Marriage

  • Stop living in denial- The foremost thing to save your marriage is admitting that it needs restoration and to some extent you are also responsible for it. You must also take initiative to resolve your marriage issues.
  • Ignore Petty Issues- Most of the marriage problems arise because couples fight over things like leaving wet towel on the bed, not keeping the room clean etc. But are those socks important than your relationship?
  • Let the Romance Brew- If your responsibilities have taken a toll on your love life; try your best to beat the odds. Renew that platonic love you both once shared. Love and romance keeps the marriage problems at bay.
  • Stop the Blame Game- The best way to resolve marriage problems is to stop blaming your spouse, even if it’s their mistake. Blame game will not help you to save your marriage; it will only make things worse.
  • Honour your Words- What bread is to pizza, credibility is to marriage. Breaching your promises or making false claims is the basic food of marriage problems. One should either stop making claims or start honouring them.
  • Abandon ‘I’, embrace ‘we’- You know what happens to a bicycle if one of its tyres is missing? It doesn’t work. Same way, self-centeredness or selfishness only feeds the marriage problems. Your spouse should be a part of everything you do or think.
  • Stay Calm- One of the most essential thing to save a marriage is to hold your temper under all circumstances. Something said in a moment of rage might add fuel to your marriage problems.
  • No abuse- No matter how angry or depressed you are, hitting your spouse is not the solution to it. Any type of physical or emotional abuse eventually leads to marriage problems and most of the times do irreparable damage.
  • Be Accepting- We assume that you know (or knew) all the bad habits and weaknesses of your spouse. There is no point insulting your mate about their looks or shyness. Tolerating and accepting nature is essential to save a marriage.
  • Talk it out- To avoid marriage problems you should resolve all the issues that are bothering you or you are avoiding for long. Eliminating the irritants is necessary to save marriage.
  • Be Optimist- You will never require a marriage counsellor or marriage therapy if you keep a positive outlook towards your spouse and relationship.
  • Be generous with compliments- Another way to avoid marriage problems is to genuinely appreciate the efforts of your beloved. Compliment your better half for the painting he/she bought or the new hair style or simply their effort in making that Mexican dish.
  • Pamper yourself- Make it a point to take some time out for yourself and do the things you like. If you feel good inside it will energise you and instil positivity in you and will help you resolve your marriage issues.
  • Pamper your spouse- Convey to your better half that you still care about him/ her. Surprise your mate with gifts especially when they least expect it.
  • Shed your ego- You are in a marriage crisis and all you think is ‘why should I talk about it?’ Pause and think, is your ego more important than to save your marriage?
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