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How to Read a Man’s Body Language

Men are not good at expressing themselves with words so they use their gestures and body language more. Do you know How to Read body language of Men? Don’t worry it’s not difficult to decipher the Body Language of Men. You just have to be very careful while understanding his gestures and signs. Understanding Body Language of Men will always help you to read his mind and know whether he like’s you or not. Men generally show signs of nervousness, become protective and caring when they are attracted to a woman.

Reading men beyond his words might get you through a swift and peaceful relationship. By seeing Men’s Body Language you will be able to hear the unspoken words and feelings he is trying to tell you. The signals or signs you should notice in him include his gestures, postures, eye movement and many more. Try and notice even the smallest details in him and you will get to know How to Read Men’s Body Language for Flirting.  


How to Read a Man's Body Language


How to Read a Man’s Body Language

If you intend to apprehend the Body Language of Men read on the facts we have structured for you.


Eye Contact

Consistent eye contacts, looking at you with intent in his eye, raising his eyebrows etc are some of the signals which you need to keep in mind. If he is really fascinated with you it can be seen in his eyes. If you notice him making extensive and constant eye contacts with you while talking, then, he is surely falling for you. Eyes speak the language of love, you will be able to feel the warmth and care for you in his eyes. If the eye contact is becoming longer and longer, it means he is getting much more comfortable with you. You’ll notice these signs in his eye contact which will decipher his feelings for you.


Hand Gestures

Guys at times, without any intention, tend to use their hands a lot, either while talking or when they are nervous. When you are on a date with a guy try and notice his hand gestures, they will reveal a lot about him. If a guy is enticed by your presence with him then without intent he will start moving, twisting and touching his hairs. A man who is interested in you will find reasons to touch you either while talking. If he is flattered by you, he will hold your elbow to guide you through the crowd or proudly grasp your hand among people to show that he is with you. Look for these gestures and you will get to understand his feelings and emotions he have for you.


Body Stance

Knowingly or unknowingly men lean their upper body towards you while talking to you. This shows that they are completely engrossed in you and want to pay all his attention to what you are saying. If he has a liking for you, he will try to get closer to you and there will be lesser space between you two. He is just trying to make you comfortable and doesn’t want any margins between both of you. These gestures or body postures are the indications that the person has really fallen hard for you.



Whenever you enter the room he has that a sparkling smile on his face, he behaves as a gentleman when you are around. When he looks at you he has that slight smiling face, telling you that he is so content to have you with him. If a man easily laughs when you are around him, this means that you are very special for him. At times he will also try to make you laugh with him so that he could get closer to you.


Reaction When Around You

Guys sometimes, become nervous when they are around woman, to whom they are attracted to. When he is around you he tries to fix his shirt, brush his hair or tries to look presentable then he is surely doing it for you. If a man shows his protective, concerned and caring nature to you that means you mean a lot to him. If you find these gestures in a man that means he is trying to impress you and is intensely engrossed into you.

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