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Sure Shot Ways To Know She Loves You

Subtle, shy and introvert and elusive are the best adjectives of a woman to define. It is simply next to impossible to find about woman’s feeling and emotions about you. Care and affection are part of woman’s life and sometimes it confuses man about their feelings and emotions of love. Woman does not show their feelings right to you and you are the one who has to hunt the treasure of love of a woman by her gestures and signs.

How to know she loves me if this a question in your mind then find out the mentioned below signs in your girl and plan for a next step. There are some basic steps and signs which a girl shows when she is in love but sometimes it’s hard to gauge by a man.  Decode your girl by the given signs and how to know she loves me will be the easy for you.

Sure Shot Ways To Know She Loves You

5 Ways to Know If She Loves You


Body Language – Out of 10 women will speak through their body language when they are attracted to someone. It’s hard for them to say it in words but gestures and the way of standing will let you know about their feelings.  Massaging her own neck, shrugging shoulders and unconscious touching are the signs of woman’s attraction, if she loves you she will be doing some or other activities in front of you.

Curious about you– How to know she loves me or not is a thing bothering you then just wait and analyses her conversation with you. If she is so curious to know about your previous life and your love interest in life then she is in infatuated to you and wants to be sure before going further. She is asking you all the questions so that you feel comfortable with her and ask her the same.

 Is she impish with you?- Commenting you with a smile on her face, teasing and being impish with you all the time is sign of her infatuation for you. She is impressed by you that’s why she is digging you for everything you do, your dressing style to your walking and talking style.

Attention Seeker– Does she looks like a attention seeker when you are around. She gets conscious and starts talking about anything that interest you and wear all your favorite colors. How to know she loves me is still a question to you even after seeing her doing out of the way activities for you.

She starts moving into your personal space-   If she is resting her on your side or holding your hand when she is scared or moving out as a help with a loving gesture. A woman will make you comfortable with her small by moving herself in your personal space and you can consider it as the signs her love to you.

Prominent Signs She Likes You


  1. If she avoids calls and meeting of her friends rather talking to you for hour and hours, this is unequivocal sign of her liking and love for you.
  2. Women are subtle and introvert in nature but if she is showing public affection to you that means she is showing her feelings to you in every possible way.
  3. She gets Goosebumps and her cheeks turn red when you compliment her.
  4. She will do everything to foster you to fill your dreams and will give you the best advice.
  5. The way she smile at you is different from everyone else.
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