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How To Know If You Are In Love

Mostly when you ask someone ‘how to know if you are in love’, the most common answers you get goes like- you get the butterfly effect in your tummy, you keep smiling without reason, you can’t sleep at night, your heart starts pounding when you come across your love and the like. But we also feel these things when we come across a film star or someone drop dead gorgeous. So does this mean you are in love with them?

No, these are merely the signs of infatuation. However there is no denying that these things happen when you are in the initial stage of attraction towards someone. You feel on the ninth cloud for the first few weeks and these symptoms start to fade away after a couple of weeks. To know if you are in love you have to perceive your behaviour after the starry effect is gone. Love is a special feeling which is much more than sleepless nights and pondering thoughts. To know if you are in love you have to test the difficult waters, because the meaning of love transcends the normal horizons. It is all about the extent you can go for your love.

How To Know If You Are In Love

Keep reading to find out how to know if you are in love with someone. The next section will guide you in deciphering your feelings about someone.

How Do You Know You Love Someone


  • Going over the board for that special someone– People rarely like to step out of their comfort zone. It is the best way to know if you are in love. Just think of what you can do for that lovely person who is occupying your thoughts for a while now. Can you donate your kidney to your beloved? Do you think you can die to save his or her life? Do you have the courage to stand for your loved one when that thing can cost you your family or job? If your answer is positive to these questions or considerably close to affirmation then you are definitely in love.
  • No measure of time is long enough with this person– People often get bored of their mates after a while. But if you really love someone, you will feel that forever will also fall short with them. You spend hours talking to them and you feel that you did not get enough of it. When you are with this special person you feel that time simply flies away, you are in love. A word of caution- this thing happens during the initial period of your tryst with someone but if this happens even after a considerable time together, then you are in love.
  • A thought of separation is scary– Do you ever feel that if this loved one ever leaves you, you will be left hollow? You think that your life will come to a halt if this person is not a part of it. And while you are pondering over these questions, you feel an ache in your chest, a burning sensation. If these lines stand true for you, you are in love.
  • Your life revolves around them– When someone is in love, he or she wants that adorable one to stay by their side forever. If your beloved partner has become an inseparable part of your thought process then you are definitely struck by cupid. This beautiful angel features in everything you have planned in your life or everything that is happening in your life. At the end of the day the first thing that you want to do is share your thoughts and feelings with this person.
  • Feel his/her pain and happiness– When you are unconditionally in love you share your mental space with that person. (This is not any psychological theory or scientific finding but just an emotional experience conveyed in the most convenient words.) So whatever your beloved person feels, you can experience the same, even if you are miles away. It hurts to see them in pain or sickness and you feel like even demolishing the world to help your loved one! If this is describing your feelings then you are in love. Similarly when you really love someone, you are happy with their achievements, even if you were also competing for that thing along with your lover. When your partner is happy, you innately feel good, despite you being in a bad situation or emotionally drained.
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