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How to Get a Guy in 10 Days

How to get a guy in 10 days’ sounds like a challenge from some reality TV show and may look like a difficult job to many of you ladies. But it is not; if the approach to get a boy to like you is right. Some of you might think of it as a movie script. But it is not. In fact it is quite possible to attract a guy in 10 days, if you can understand the psychology of a man well. Also you need to speed up the process and be bold enough to take initiative.

If you have ever asked yourself or someone else- ‘how do i get a guy to want me?’ Your search for the best and the most reliable answer ends here. The first step is to believe in your capabilities and be confident. The next thing you have to do is be bold enough to do things which you have never done before. It can be anything from approaching a man to find guys and taking control of the situations. As they say to achieve something which you never had before, you have to do things which you never did before.

How to Get a Guy in 10 Days

So if you love to take challenges, here is one- getting a guy in 10 days to date you. Keep reading to know about the tactics of how to impress a boy in a short span of time.

Tips To Get a Guy in 10 Days


  • Groom yourself– This is the most crucial thing to get noticed by men and to attract guys. If you think something is not right with your looks, groom yourself. You can think of a wardrobe makeover, or get a new hair cut or lose some of those extra pounds. Well, who said it is going to be easy. You should also make it a point to keep yourself clean and smell good. An enticing fragrance is one thing that never goes unnoticed by the guys.
  • Make an Approach at Correct Time– If the guy is around you, find ways to attract his attention towards you. You should approach them in a casual way and ask their help at finding something or request for a suggestion and strike a conversation.
  • Use Your Intelligence – Now during your conversation be a little suggestive with your body language and talk in a very friendly tone. You should also act a little attracted towards the guy and may be ask one or two personal questions. But make sure the questions spring out of the conversation naturally. For instance, if he is advising you about some mystery books, you can ask- ‘seems like you are really into reading, do you write as well?’
  • A Friendly Date Invite– At this instant make sure you exchange your emails or phone numbers. And if possible you can invite him for a snack or coffee or some event during the weekend. You must ensure that you give him a hint that you are open to dating. But do not overdo it; else you might come across as needy.
  • Make Your Conversation Interesting– This plays an important role in getting a guy to meet you again and again. It is vital to keep the chats interesting and make sure you stay in touch. There should not be gaps in your conversation, i.e., it should be continuous and most of the time you should be in charge. Also try to add some humour and wit if you can and use a flirtatious tone.
  • Initiative of Anything Should Be From Your Side– since you want to get a guy in 10 days you should take initiative of the things, be it exchanging contacts, calling him, planning meetings or physical intimacy.
  • Try To Know His Taste – now once you start having regular communication and rendezvous, try to know him well and show him that you are his type. Know his likes and dislikes, what he wants from his girlfriend and so on.
  • A Friend in Need is Friend in Deed– if you have any common friends you can ask your friend to convey to him that you have a thing for him and he should ask you on a date. But it should be an ‘accidental slip’. He should not get the cue that you have played any part in this revelation.
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