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Healing A Broken Heart

Healing a Broken Heart takes time and at certain points you might feel life has been completely ripped off. Jobs, family and friends, nothing might seem interesting to you but then that is not the end. If a relation does not work out the way one dreams off, definitely hearts get broken but one should know to heal the pain of a broken heart and move on in life to enjoy the moments that future has stored in. For sure it will pain when dreams get shuttered but healing a broken heart is the best way to see the brighter side of life.

The problem with broken hearted people is that they seem to keep reflecting on what has happened to them. If one cannot break through the painful cycle of memories, the chances are that he/she will be stuck at the monotonous phase and life will eventually seem to be dull and the pain will land up in mental habit. So the best remedy is to move out of the past and change the way things are taking place. The pain and sorrow might be quite deep but you have to fight against it and learn to get out from this situation. Loving someone and not loving someone both things are not in your hands, you just fall for someone and have to bear the pain of separation.

Healing A Broken Heart

In this way healing a broken heart won’t be difficult and moreover you can feel relieved. There are tips mentioned below that you must follow to heal your heart from pain and rejuvenate your life.

Healing A Broken Heart Tips

  • Go through it, not around it- It is really tough but something you must do. There is no shortcut and you have to live your life with the obstacle of this pain and even make yourself strong with the grief. Don’t go around the things of your breakup and directly link. The severe depression you have is what you need to be in this time.
  • Revel in your independence again- Just be yourself and try to overcome the pain by yourself and nobody else. Stop thinking about others or rush into another relationship, desperately win your lover back. The happiness is in you and you don’t need to depend on others. You have to be liberal from all the things and persons around you and detachment is the path of happiness is said by the Buddha. It is difficult to trust yourself but you have to find happiness in yourself only.
  • List your strengths- You must have fought with your challenges and enjoyed the winning by your strengths. It was you who has been the greatest support of your dreams. Just pen down all the best qualities and strengths you find in yourself and the success you have got by this. It will help you to face the new challenge of life.
  • Allow some fantasizing- Don’t be too harsh on your heart and let it think and fantasize all it wants. The more you stop yourself from doing something; it hurt you and forces you to do that. So just be relaxed and free. Think the way as it is coming to your way.
  • Help someone else- Try to help someone else and heal their pain, it will help you to forget yours. Make your mind busy in someone else pain and it will be great if he /she is suffering from the same. You will learn the ways by teaching it to someone else.
  • Laugh and cry- It has been proved that crying reduces the pain and help you to heal from it. So whenever you feel like just laughs and cry as much as you can, as tears contain toxic biochemical which removes from mind and give you relieve from emotional stress.
  • Make a good and bad list- Make a list of things which are good or bad and impacts directly on you. Put down all the things on a paper in two different columns by noticing your daily activities. After making the list starts with to do list and you will see changes in you very soon.
  • Understand your emotions– Learn to understand your emotional reactions better. Your feelings of heartbreak are unlikely to disappear unless you cope with what they are trying to tell you. An emotion is a bit like someone knocking on your door to deliver a message. If you don’t answer, it keeps knocking until you do open up. Opening the door to your feelings means learning to understand them. This can be hard, because heartbreak is complicated by other feelings: anger, fear and shame but then it not impossible.
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