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Good Luck Spells

The ancient period has given us many spells to fight with our destiny and mould it positively for us. From among the various spells that exist, the good luck spells are most widely used. Good luck is something that everyone desire to have in life. It is completely unpredictable and no one is sure when will it come and go. But with the help of some good luck spells, you can have your luck follow you. These spells for good luck can bring in positive energy in your life and free your brain from all the negative attributes.


As the saying goes- luck is something that happens when preparation meets opportunity. These good luck spells are the preparations which will channelize your energy and thoughts towards opportunities. However one thing you should understand before using the good luck spells that these luck spells are not magical tricks. The good luck charms are simply the means to ward off evils or negative vibrations from your life and bring in good fortune, health, success and positive energy into your life.

Good Luck Spells


But to bring in positive energy you will have to make the environment or your surroundings conducive for it. That is done by decluttering the venue of the spell, maintaining personal hygiene and clarity of thoughts. Positivity of thoughts and pure intent are also a pre requisite for the good luck spells to be effective.


Check out the following segment for an assorted collection of simple good luck spells which can be casted by even a non- specialist.


Spells for Good Luck


  • This good luck spell must be done in full moon. You must light the candle of your favorite color which will represents you, a grey candle, a black candle and an orange candle.After lighting the candle just say this chant in a louder voice:-“This is me, me in all things”Then light up the black candle and say the mentioned lines:-“This is all the bad luck that has dragged my footsteps. Trouble, disappointments and tears are here. This bad luck now leaves me forever”.

    After that light up the grey candle and chant will be:-

    “All that was bad is neutralized. All my bad luck is dissolved.”

    Light the orange candle and say:-

    “This is the energy coming my way, to get my life moving and speed up the change.”

    After lighting all the candles just visualize your belief turning into reality and notice that negative energy getting beaten by the grey candle and getting dissolved into emptiness.  And after that visualize the orange candle which will draw positive energy and good luck towards you and the air will get all the positive energies just for you.
    Wait till all the candles burn completely and start experiencing the changes in your thoughts and then in the atmosphere.

  • This is one of the most beneficial and powerful good luck spells for others. This luck spell will free the beneficiary of anger and greed and bring good luck, joy, success and happiness. For best results, put a picture of the person in front of you for whom you want to cast the good luck charm. Now light a blue candle in front of that picture. Sit down on the floor with eyes closes and visualize the concerned person in a happy state. You can imagine him/her laughing or enjoying his/her favorite thing. After clearly visualising the person, cast a spell for good luck by enchanting the following lines.Happiness and glee,
    Make their anger flee.
    Long-lasting and forever,
    Make their happiness ever so clever.
    Everlasting and joyful,
    This spell will last.
    Make their happiness come up fast.
  • While casting this good luck spell, you have to put a pinch of salt over your left shoulder three times after chanting the following lines.
    Bad luck turn and bad luck flee.
    ​Good luck fortunes come to me.
  • This spell for good luck is said to be very effective to attract good fortune irrespective of the place and the field you are in. This good luck spell should be cast under a full moon for best effect. You will have to light three green candles and place them as a triangle in front of you. Then cast the luck spell with the following lines.I summon earth, fire, water, and air
    To protect me with the strength of a bear
    Let me be healthy
    Let me be wealthy
    Lady luck shine your light upon me
    So shall it be.
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