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Funny Reasons Why I Love You

There is no level of love and no reasons as well. Well, the secret lies in those small details and things, which make everything special and beautiful. You don’t need to be a big sport and do all PDA in order to claim your love for your partner. Funny Reasons Why I Love You– have you ever given your thoughts on that? Well, you must have. Maybe those must be circling on your mind the whole time. Every moment with your loved one is intense and beautiful, and it adds a little sparkle in your relationship.

Though, those light and funny moments make it more lively and heart-warming. “I Love You 51 Funny Reasons” can be written on a card, and you can surprise your partner with on any special occasion with such a heart-touching gesture. Take some time out from your busy schedule and pen down the funny reasons of your love and recollect all the precious memories of your life with him/her. Your partner is definitely going to love this!

Revive your love by narrating “I Love You Funny Reasons” while walking down those memory lanes together, and laugh your heart out. Your partner will be amazed to know your little perceptions regarding several things, making your bond more special and unique.


Funny Reasons Why I Love You

51 Funny Reasons Why I Love You

  • You tell the truth even when you are asleep.
  • You still sleep with your socks on. Like a baby.
  • You are an Environmentalist.
  • You eat pancakes every morning, which I love the most!
  • You call your parents every night. (so sweet)
  • You buy happy meals at McDonalds and get happy getting your favorite toy!
  • You still let your mum make you lunch.
  • I really find you funny, even when others don’t!
  • You get nervous around my parents, which in find very cute.









  • You have a good sense of style and attire.
  • You still like Disney and Dragonball.
  • You make popcorn and bake a cake every time we watch a movie.
  • You have a hobby of collecting coins.
  • Your brother really pampers me.
  • You hold my hands every time we go out and never leave me alone.
  • You have a funny hair style, but I like your beard!
  • You are an avid pet lover, mainly a dog lover.
  • I can eat like a kid in front you, which doesn’t even disgust you in any way.
  • You swept me off from dating that other geek.
  • No one knows how stupid you really are, except me.
  • You are a die-hard romantic, just like me.
  • You’re a nerd in disguise, which only I know.
  • I can be a messy head around you, and you still love me.
  • You get manipulated so easily when you are with me! (Super Boy/Girl)
  • You’re crazy. That’s why we are together!
  • Your IQ is under 100. *LAUGHING*
  • You read when you have free time.
  • You take long and warm showers.
  • You feed the pets with so much concentration.
  • You still read comics every now and then, and have a huge collection inside your shelf.
  • You clean the house every day on your own.
  • You chip and bite your nails when you’re nervous.
  • You think you’re in this adventurous movie! Every time. While driving.
  • You want to star in Fast and Furious.
  • You got straight A’s in your college.
  • Your smell like peaches and watermelon.
  • My sister and even mother really like you.
  • You’re a late comer. (Please be punctual)
  • Because everybody told me not to! I know better!
  • You smile watching me doing non-sense and still don’t stop me in any sense.
  • You always hide yourself when you do mistakes and be a stubborn-head.
  • You laugh like a child. (Best Part)
  • You have table manners, which I really like.
  • You respect women.
  • You believe in talking and sorting rather than lashing out and fighting.
  • You are a good and a safe driver.
  • Because you really respect my personal space and expects the same.
  • I really like the way you take care of every detail while we are together.
  • You really love my sisters.
  • Because I really respect you and your thoughts.
  • I love you because I love you! Simple.



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