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Feng Shui Love

Chinese have very deep believe in Feng shui love. Feng shui can bring love and peace in your life. There are many very simple steps to follow as per Feng Shui. Feng shui love assures you to get the component of your personal happiness and peace which is consumed in loving relationships only. With the help of Feng shui love you can strengthen your love relationship or you can get the most indefatigable relation in your life that is love.

Feng shui love creates opportunity for you to find and have the love relation in your life. Although love has many beautiful aspects linked to it. Feng shui love can bring the joyous romance and more excitement in your life. Take the benefits of Feng Shui love tips and make your life more easy and smooth.

Feng Shui Love Tips

Bring love on full moon night– You can make your full moon night a romantic and loving night with your love by the help of Feng shui love.  Get a ceramic glass bowl of red color; fill the bowl with stones like amethyst, citrine, quartz, or glass beads. Then light three red and pink candles in the bowl on the full moon night.  Any month can be your month of love on the night of full moon by doing the Feng shui love remedy on the night.

Blow bubbles of love at the full moon-Blow bubbles under the full moon and with them your wishes for a mate.

Release a yellow love balloon on the night of a full moon- Full moon night is a night of lovers and you can make it more beautiful by writing your lover’s name and your wishes by the red ink on the yellow balloon and release to the moon. All your wishes will come true to you.

Send flowers with their meanings- Every flower has meaning to it and signifies a message of love. Like red and yellow flowers sends the message of passion, steadfastness, seriousness and depth of relationship.

Yellow flowers- Send your love yellow flowers to show your serious intentions and yellow flower which solidifies your relationship.

Pink flowers– Pink flowers help to start a new relationship with your crush. It will cause the recipient to have sweet and tender feelings for the sender. Trying to revive a relationship? Pink is the color to send.

Get goosey with the noncommittal types- For commitment in relationship and strengthening your relation, you can bring some geese to your place. Decorating geese placed in your yard or hanging in your corner will bring commitment or certainty in your relation. You can also have some pictures of hanging geese in your bedroom for cementing the bond.

Crystal hearts- Crystal heart in red cloth is sure to bring you the love in your life. If you are already in your relationship, it will enhance your relation and if you are not it will bring love in your life.  You can place the red cloth with crystal heart anywhere in the corner of your desk in bedroom.

Create a “Love Garden.”-Outdoors, this would include pairs of plants that bloom with red, pink, or yellow flowers. Be sure to intersperse them with stones or boulders. Add a Kwan Yin statue, if you like. Lights on the SW part of the garden are extra beneficial!

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