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Difference Between Loving Someone and Being in Love

That summer romance, unbearable pain of break up, in the heavy rain and warm reunion in winter might have given rise to the saying “love is in the air”. Yes! love is in the air, it has always been and it will always be in the air.


Men and women are meant to fall in love. But, the world turns upside down, the moment you realize that you are in love. You might realize it at first sight or after years of staying together. Being in love makes you happy and it becomes more happier when reciprocated with similar passion and intensity. Love is the most wonderful, most exciting, most precious and the most divine feeling in the world and it only refines your personality. Difference between loving someone and being in love is as wide and intense as the depths of an ocean. Love happens when you least expect it and is destined. No matter how hard you strive to make it happen, it will remain surreal. Successful or unsuccessful, every love story is special! All those who can make it happen are the lucky ones and all those who can’t are even luckier as they can fall in love again. All the fairy tales have happy endings but all aren’t classics, love stories turn into classic when pain and rejection comes along. It’s like without pain, pleasure loses it’s essence and vice versa, not just that but both, depend on each other for their existence. What is the difference between being in love and just loving is that the former flames up life in you and the latter recedes it.


Difference Between Loving Someone and Being in Love


Like every coin has two sides, love is no exception there is a difference between being in love and loving someone. When the guy is down on his knees with a red rose or a ring and you want to say YES! Love can bring out the real you, and helps you be a part of the beautiful world out there which you always imagined as  cynical and cruel. Love adds life and meaning to every thing, that were not worthy for you before. You become more caring, more sensitive, love becomes your  weakness, and your  strength too. Love has deep association with fear, fear to lose your beloved. In short you can’t describe it in one word. When you are in love you desire to share your joys and sorrows with your adorable darling. When in love you are not afraid of failures because you always have someone standing next to you. At times of success you aren’t happy till the time you share it with your sweetheart.  Your center of universe changes, you wish to be with him/her forever till death sets you apart. Nothing in world matters for a couple blindly in love, as their mere touch can eliminate the pain and inspire you.


Difference between loving someone and being in love with someone can be best described by the one who has experienced it. Love is like a game in casino, when you win you feel like the most powerful man in the world and when you lose its only misery and pain. This side of the story is not that bright. When you are in love and it’s just you who is in love then its pain, absolute pain. You need not blame yourself for that as you are still perfect, you are still gorgeous/handsome, you are still worth loving, but by someone really special.  Wait for the one, exclusively meant for you, who will add colors to your life.  Don’t be disheartened, be optimistic as you can learn from your unsuccessful love story or can use it as a bad example.


True love never changes you, it accepts you with all your strengths and weaknesses and stays with you in failure and success. If the answer is NO from the other side just accept it and move on. You just need to walk away and forget. By not doing so you are hurting yourself. You cannot force someone to love you, but you can always find someone who loves you for what you are, not what you can become on demand. Successful love stories are the ones where there is respect, trust, freedom and liberty to speak your mind. Love is complicated only when you look for it in the wrong person, otherwise its heavenly beautiful. Remember you deserve the best! You just wait and allow the universe, help your true love to find you, love you, pamper you, redefine you and complete you. Wait for that perfect moment, when your prince charming or  lady love comes into your life beautifying every moment there on!

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