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Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend

Many of us might be sceptical with the concept of getting married and settling down with someone whom you have known only for few years in your life or might be for few months. But what if we offer you with the idea of Marrying your Best Friend? Sounds great, right? It is actually a better perspective to end up settling with your best friend. Even psychologists and relationship experts agree to this fact as there are few rational reasons as to Why You Should End up with Your Best Friend.

In a haste to be in a relationship with someone, at times we don’t realise the kind of person we should date. The guy you are dating might not be the right one for you, instead the one advising you is. Your best friend, who knows you well and has been helping you out to make out things work with your current date, can actually be the perfect person to grow old with. Falling in love is easy but to continue as a happily married is hard. Emotion is one such factor which plays a vital role in offering stable ground for married couples and since your BFF knows you well since years, being his/her soul mate can be hundred times easier.

Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend

If you are still pondering on the fact that Should You Marry Your Best Friend or not, glance through the Reasons You Should Marry Your Best Friend.

Reasons You Should Marry Your Best Friend


1. No Awkward Situations

Starting from dating your best friend to tying the knot with him/her and settling down, you can be absolutely who you are.  There is no need to pretend your image with make ups, dresses and mannerisms. Your BFF have seen you in baggy clothes, messy hair and worst of situations, so all you have to be is to chill and relax. The worry of avoiding awkward situations won’t be looming around you.

2. Knows You In And Out

Both of you have spent ample of time together and have tackled ups and downs more than once and now being couple will make situations even better. Moreover, each of you knows each other quite well. You have an idea about his likes and dislike and so does he. You just need not to keep thinking about how to impress him/her to strengthen up the bond.

3. Most Comforting Arms

Whenever we are over burdened with emotions, our best friend is the one who comes to our aid in the first go. He/she is the person with whom we are most comfortable no matter whatever the topic or issue might be. There is all together a different level of comfort zone that both of you have achieved and this sole factor can drive away insecurities and jell up your compatibility to carry forward the relationship smoothly.

4. No Space for Secrets

This is an obvious fact. When it comes to best friend, one can’t be expected to have dark secrets and untold tales. He/she is the person with whom you are totally transparent and this is something which is required of to stay intact to your wedding vows till last breath. Besides, though time might be harsh on you, it’s the friendship that will provide base for the bonding to remain strong.

5. Lots of Memories to Cherish

Memories are the best part of one’s life that gives us the strength to hold on to situations and keep moving in life. Also these are the moments that we cherish endlessly throughout our journey. So think of a life where you have bags full of reminiscences with you best buddy to flash back at. Starting from your young age till your hair turns grey, you will be having lots to share and laugh at.

6. Trust Becomes the Ruling Factor

Any relationship which is based on trust is the one to survive the most as it will offer the support to rely on each other. The parasite called “insecurity” which holds responsible for ruining maximum of the marriages will be miles apart. Moreover, none of you have issues in accepting the twist and turns of life as it will be a known fact that both of you will be there to shoulder each other.

7. Less Scope for Misunderstandings

Like in all other relationships, misunderstanding can show up between two besties even but the good news is the situation will not stretch for long. This is easy to predict because neither of you can stay for days without speaking to each other. And what better is, once the cold ice gets cracked, you two will hang around as if nothing has happened. Yes, in simple words, forgiveness will brush out all the dirt that got accumulated. Wink!

8. No Issues With Parents

Last of all, parents who are always concerned about whom we share our lives with can even be at peace. They have seen both of you grow together and so what can be a better option for them to witness you both tying the knot swearing to support each other for all the time to come.

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