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What Kind of Guys Do Girls Like

What Girls like is a very difficult question which guys intent to discover every time they meet a beautiful young woman. It’s not always the good looks which attract women towards men, many a times they look for attractive traits men possess. Women’s heart is not that tough to understand, you just need to embrace your qualities which girls like. Girls love to be with guys who respect her, who cares for her, who makes her laugh and many more qualities. You just have to look inside yourself and bring up the qualities women would like to see in you.

Seeing some lucky men, inferior to you, hanging out with gorgeous girls, makes you jealous. You wish to know what qualities attract women towards men more than anything in this world. What Do Girls like, a very typical doubt every guy faces when they are looking for a girl. Here are a few capabilities which women like to observe in the men they are dating or are hanging out with.

What Kind of Guys Do Girls Like

What Kind of Guys Do Girls Like

Below are a few traits which women like to see in men. Find the trait which you have and embrace it to find a girl.

The Mr Confident

Confidence in men is very much needed to win over a women’s heart or admiration. Guys who know what to do at what time and are self-assured when needed are appreciated by women. If you feel that you are confident and a great guy, the girl will also end up thinking the same. One thing you should keep in mind is that you don’t assert or dominate her, this might work the other way round. Though, some women end up liking those men who doesn’t have to strive for for her authorization every time.

The Attentive Nice Guy

Attentive and nice guys are always searched by women, who can flatter her just by treating her well. Women intend to respect those guys who are nice to her and treat her like a princess. Every girl determines to look for a focussed partner who understands her and knows her from head to toe. A bad boy image is not always what makes women feel good, hanging out with nice guys just makes her feel special.

Intellectual Humorous Character

Intelligence with humour is a very good combination to attract women towards you. If you are in a relationship then you will be able to entertain her and make her happy and content. Women like men to be intelligent and logical and never let her get bored in his company. Your intellect and the funny side will never let you down in front of women, as they will enjoy your company.

Wicked Gentleman

Some men have the ability to make a conversation interesting for hours without making it any boring. If you are a gentlemen and shows her your qualities like care, affection and love then you will become lucky. Long and interesting conversations will always make girl feel content and attracted towards you. Next time you want to go out with a girl, show your fabulous gentlemen behaviour and see the change.

The Passionate Type

Being a romantic person or the passionate types will lifelong help you with women. Women love to get pampered with flowers and chocolates every time you meet them. Romantic guys make women feel very content and appreciate her every single time they meet them or talk to them. Girls usually gets along with the guys who can make her feel wonderful, with just his gestures.

The Artistic Type 

Creativity, sense of life, spontaneity and imagination of an artistic man can flatter women easily. Women are found of people who appreciate her or entice her beauty and elegance. Artists have the quality of doing this in a different and unique way. Including her in your poems, songs or beautiful paintings as a motivation will certainly fascinate her and intrigue her towards you.


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