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Things Guys Notice About You in First 10 mins

Are you all ready to move out and make the guys around you go crazy? Think again girls there are very minute Things Men Notice about You. Now you would be pondering on the questions like What Guys Notice about You or What Men Notice First about a Woman. Don’t worry girl’s we have listed out a few points which will help you to know What Guys Notice about Women. Walk with that grace and attitude of yours, which will help you gain the confidence, that you are being noticed by those attractive men around you.

The second a guy looks at you he starts to mark you according to his wish list, to ask you out. The next time you go out with your friends do have a wonderful time, and remember the Things Guy’s Notice, we have prepared for you. Always remember girls you are beautiful, elegant, dazzling, and classy, just summon up all your qualities and be confident.


Things Guys Notice About You in First 10 mins


Read about Little Things Guys Notice in a woman and next time you step out of house keep these in mind.


Candid Smile

The smile women wear speaks a lot about her nature, which guys get attracted to most. Men are very good at segregating between your fake smile and genuine smile. Have fun with your friend’s, never forget to laugh, someone men might get flattered with you. That sweet innocent smile and the smirk you have on your face might interest that handsome guy sitting next to you.


Body Posture

A crouching and sloppy body posture will never take you anywhere in your life. Guys notice a girl’s posture to judge her level of confidence, boldness and comfort among people. Head high, stand tall, stance as if you are the queen of this world, and you will become an eye candy among other dull ladies.


In your Bag

Guys always have an eye on the stuff you like to carry in your bag. If you have a lot of makeup junk in your bag, you will be assessed as a high maintenance woman. You like to carry a sack like bag with you and hoard a lot of stuff in it; you will not be appealing a man much. Do carry a nice hand bag with only useful stuff in it and find the changing looks of guys around.


Your Dazzling Locks

Girls who can carry gorgeous, sparkly, bouncy and perfect hairs are definitely the head turners. With just a glimpse at a woman’s hair style or its texture guys get to know how a women presents or maintains her. If your hair look mellifluous and smell blissful it will undeniably turn eyes on you.


People around you

While noticing a girl, a man always intends to look at her company or circle of friends. If a girl is surrounded by playful, offensive, whiney, or flashy friends she will be assumed similar. A Girl on the other hand, having great fun with her friends will be seen as more thoughtful and honest.


Adoring Attire

The way a woman dress herself, carries off a unique sense of fashion makes a strong impression of her. Guys tend to notice those women who know what to wear for a party and what to wear at a coffee shop. A man’s decision for asking you out will largely depend on how you carry off a beautiful dress or a jeans and T-shirt with converse. High Heels are one thing that makes every women look erotic among a crowd, which guys can’t miss to notice. So, wear your heels and flaunt the world with your sense of unique and adoring fashion.


Audacity and Attitude

A girl who is beautiful like a fairy tale princess, but carries an evil attitude, then a man will never look back at her. No one likes to get along with an unpleasant and a despicable person, be it a stunning woman. All women make sure that you leave your unkind attitude behind while moving out of your house, Guys will certainly notice you.


Pitch of your voice

Guys notice girls who can pleasingly talk to a person, with her delicate and mesmerizing voice. Your loud voice or high pitch might make many guys run away from you. Girls who know how to talk and what to talk at the right time are noticed by guys more often.


Fake Extensions

Girls who use lots of makeup, fake eyelashes, or hair extensions considering it looks good and will attract guys, they are mistaken. Men prefer to choose those women who are genuine and modest rather than fake. Do use your make up and accessories, but, in a modest way, which makes you look beautiful not fake.

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