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Secret Ingredients to Keep Your Romance Alive After Valentine’s Day


For the people in true love, every day of the year is Valentine’s Day. They really need no special day to pamper their love. But many couples complain of feeling blue after the end of the vibrant Valentine Week after which the boring monotonous everyday life will start again. If you are also feeling the same, then know the tricks to keep the flame of love ablaze all through the year. We are going to share with you some exclusive tips with which you don’t need to confine your romance only one day of the years and enjoy romance even in every day’s busy schedule.


Wish Jar

Everybody must have some secret fantasies about their perfect relationship which the significant other can barely aware of. Both of you and your partner can write the desire to be treated on the piece of paper and put them in a Wish Jar. You can choose the different colour of papers for each other. Then fulfill the wishes of having an evening stroll or coffee date or any other little things one by one each day.


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Work Hand in Hand

In any general day, we barely spend quality time with our partner. Try to break the rule. Do the regular household chore together like folding of laundry or dishwashing while having some chitchat about the day. You can spend some quality time together.


Write Note

You can write romantic notes and slip them into lunch box, diary or paste them on the refrigerator. Think the smile of your partner when he/she will see the note on the car just before leaving for work. This little gesture will increase the thrill to see one another after a hectic day.



Surprise is the oldest trick in the book of romance. Rarely there you find a person who doesn’t love to get surprised. Take your partner to a surprise dinner date or amaze him/her by visiting on lunch break – it will surely boost the level of romance in your daily life.


Small Gifts

Everybody loves to get gifts. Pamper your loved one with little gifts frequently like chocolates or cookies. Pick a flower on the way to the meeting or anything thoughtful may be related to his/her passion – just to let the person know you are thinking about him/her.


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Revisit Old Days

Make some time in your busy schedule to revisit the old places which have the connection with your relationship. For example, you can visit the place of your first date or the place you meet your partner for the first time. You can take him/her your old places and share anecdotes of your childhood days.

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