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Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

Marriage is a connection between two people, in which they share, care and love each other. It’s a lifelong tie, which requires a lot of thinking and patience, while selecting your life partner. A Marriage Advice suggests that you should never haste for marrying someone, rather one has to be very careful while deciding on such a big decision. You might end up in a dilemma, what questions to ask before getting married to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Don’t worry here are a few Questions to ask before you get married, and be clear about your decision of living together.


You might be in love with your girlfriend and wish to marry her, be careful and make sure you are clear about these few questions. We present to you a few Questions to ask before Marriage on the basis of which you can live in a peaceful and beautiful relationship. There are many things which you need to keep in mind, we have arranged the questions according to basic necessities of life.


Questions To Ask Before Getting Married


Questions To Ask Before Getting Married

Find out what questions you could ask to your partner before marrying.



Are you satisfied with your occupation?

What is the objective of your Job?

Do you consider your job as a career?

Have you ever been fired from the job?

Have you planned for your retirement?



Do you have friends?

Do you have parties with friends?

Would you accompany your partner in the parties?

Will it be important for your partner to like you friends too?

Do you mind hanging out with your partner’s friends?



To whom are you closer to in your family?

How much time do you spend with your family members?

How far do your family members interfere in your life?

Do you live with your parents or you prefer to live alone?

Are there any specific family rituals I should know about?



Do you go for any social gatherings?

Are you comfortable in socializing with unknown people?

Do you maintain relations with your neighbours?

Are you regularly involved in community functions?



Do you have faith in god?

What is religion for you?

Which religion do you follow?

Do you regard yourself to be a religious person?

Do you respect other religious activities?



Have you ever faced any set back or breakup?

Were you involved with any other person before this?

Have you ever been married before?

Do you have any feelings for your Ex?

Do you think past relationships should be left in past?

Is there anything in your past that I should know about?



What is the level of your education?

Did you have any formal education?

Is education level a priority for you in a relationship?

Are you in favour of studying extra courses to enhance your qualities?


Outings and Trips

Do you like to go on vacations?

What is your favoured destination?

Would you plan for vacations with your partner?

Do you spend your time at home on Holidays?

Is there any holiday which you like to celebrate?

How important are anniversary or birthday festivities for you?

Would you enjoy your vacation with your partner or with your friends?


Forthcoming life

Are there any specific plans which you have decided to do?

Would it affect you if I go to meet my family?

Will it be a problem if I go for a job after marriage?

Are there any future plans which might get disturbed with marriage?

Would you support me to pursue my dreams?

Will our future plans be any problem in our marriage?



Do you own your own Vehicle?

You prefer to take public transport or drive your own car?

Would you mind if I drive your car in times of need?

Do you think you drive safe or have you ever received a penalty?

Would you devote more time with your car than with your partner?



Do you like to save money for future or enjoy spending more?

Do you have any debts over you?

What amount of your salary will you devote in home?

Have you ever thought of financial emergencies?

Will you be comfortable in paying my bills?

What amount will you save for our child’s future?

Are there any specific charities that you believe in?


Like’s and Dislike’s

Do you like Children? How many would you desire?

What makes you feel insecure?

Are you allergic to any specific thing?

What are your strengths and limitations?

What are your favoured dishes?

What fascinates you the most?

What annoys you the most?

What refreshes your mood?

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