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Premarital Counseling for a Happy Married Life

Getting married can be one of the major steps in life and specifically when it is an arranged marriage. Though the concept of getting hooked might be exciting, one needs to mentally get prepare to welcome this change in life. Thus it is imperative to undergo Premarital Counselling just months before you say “I do”. In order to build a strong chemistry with your partner as well as with in-laws, it is always advisable to know the golden rules about marriage, its future and the importance. To be plain and simple this type of counselling involves practical advices on the “dos” and “don’t” of marital life.

In the eye of the society, a marriage is a sacred commitment between a man and a woman based on love. It needs to be nurtured in order to rip its fruits. The initial phase of every marriage seems like a honeymoon but as it progresses with time, complicacies might creep in and can ruin the so called “fairytale”. Situations and events might seem rude, irritating, baseless and heartbreaking. Thus in order to overcome such state of affairs, with love and patience, one needs to face Marriage and Family Counselling. Marital Counselling can act as the directing path for a renewed relation. It will open to you with solutions to handle the hurdles and tensions of married life. Every couple goes through rough phases in the relation, but the proper way of sorting it out is the right way for a happy future.

Premarital Counseling for a Happy Married Life

Here are few tips on the importance of Premarital Counselling. Follow them in order to create a beautiful fairytale of yours.

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  • Mental Preparation: Through premarital counselling, one gets to know about the pros and cons of life after tying the knot. It will highlight certain common factors and evens that can appear once the honeymoon phase is over. In doing so, an individual can get mentally prepared for what future can unfold with and thus will be easier to face it as compared to one who has no idea of events taking place.
  • Strengthening the Relation: Marriage and Family Counselling can guide one in understanding their relation with their partners. This can also open up the scopes of dealing with your husband/wife, how to make him/her happy or in knowing their expectations.
  • Enhance Communication: For some it might be a touch task to communicate and trust the stranger who will soon be part of his/her life. This can be sorted out with guidance from marital counselling. Once communication takes place between couples they will gain a greater understanding and compassion for how to meet on common ground. Hence tension can fade away resulting in happy nuptial life.
  • Gaining insight about personality difference: Nuptials could make both potencies and flaws of both the partners more obvious. Therefore, premarital counselling aims to offer the couple with a total consideration of where they are well-matched, their personality-fit, what conditions could pose as a challenge to them and how to deal with such situations. Such a perceptive, topped with enhanced communication skills and coping strategies serves to avoid and lessen the intensity of disagreements and irritations.
  • Helps to deal with the Change: Through pre-marital counselling, experts in this field can help the couple express how they feel about the sea-change that marriage brings in. The couple is authorized to deal with the approaching changes that they are going to witness in environment and lifestyle. So, no doubt this process of counselling leads to an improved connection between the couple, along with enhancing the flexibility of both the individuals.
  • Reduction of Divorce Rates: Studies have found out that couple, who engages themselves in premarital counselling, seldom have to face the bitter phase of getting divorced.
  • Focus on Financial Reviews: Financial condition is something which both the partners should know about before setting into wedlock. Discussing about it openly with its future goals and plan will bring in a feeling of security which will further enhance the relation.
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