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How To Reveal Your Feelings to the Guy You Love

If you have started daydreaming about that special one in your life, chances are you have struck by the cupid’s arrow and time has arrived that you reveal your feelings for him. This is no time that you feel embarrassed and stay hidden in your shell. Rather move out and think of How to Confront the Guy about Your Feelings. It is advisable to Show Your Feelings to the Guy as it will relieve you of the constant tension of How to Admit Your Feelings to Him.

We all feel strongly for someone at some point of our lives and it is best to allow that extraordinary feeling to bloom and flower into a sweet relation. Until and unless you won’t let the person know that your heart desires for him you won’t be in a position to identify what he thinks of you. Forget about the outcome, expressing your sentiments is imperative at the moment. Feeling scared should not be an excuse if you want him to be more than a friend to you. Be confident and let your emotion take its course. But if you are still confused with How to Explain Your Feelings to the Guy, scroll further down.


How To Reveal Your Feelings to the Guy You Love


Remember these tips about How to Reveal Your Feelings to the Guy You Love if you wish to unite with the person you are head-over-heel in love with.


1. Paying Compliment Is Must

When you know you have started growing a soft corner for that one person, you should take care to notice his gestures or dressing sense and take out an opportunity to pass on a compliment. This sincere accolade of yours will not only make him feel better but also to acknowledge that you admire him. Two-three more such praises down the lane can lead to a relation that is more than “just a friend” provided you add a slight romantic tone to whatever you say.


2. Next Comes Consideration

It is a natural tendency in humans to hope for the best for someone on whom we have a huge crash. So why not take this opportunity out and show your concern towards him. For Example, if you get to know from common friends that the guy you are interest in is down with fever or had a terrible day the day before. Show up to him with a bouquet of his favourite flowers or ask if you can be of any help. This will highlight your care for him and can as well make him feel brighter.


3. Share with a Common Friend

If you are a shy type of a girl but really wish from your heart to be with that friend of your cousin or verse versa, hesitate not to share your sentiments with your cousin or your friend. This can be a sure way of letting him know about your feelings as your cousin or friend will definitely pass the message on to him.


4. Build Common Ground

Spark a general discussion with him about his notions on dating and the type of girls he loves to date. When the same question hits you back drop few hints that you are eyeing him and would love to go out on a date with him. If he has interest on you, he will surely respond you with a positive approach.


5. Get Closer

During the weekends when you meet him in your neighbourhood bar or in the nightclub, try to move a bit closer to him while exchanging words with him. When opportunity allows you a chance, rub your shoulder on to his or can hold his hand and then pretend as if you didn’t intent to do so. In such a situation, if he likes you, he will enjoy the advancements rather than maintaining distance.


6. Make Eye Contact

Another sure signs of drawing the attention of your love interest is by making frequent eye contacts. This does not mean you will stare at him and make him uncomfortable. Make it a “on and off” situation in which he will get to know that you are showing interest on him. If possible towards the end pass on a sly smile.

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