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Love Activities For Couples

It is normal that the passion in a marriage or relationship will go down somewhat with the roll of time. Love Activities for Couples will guide you to prevent such situations and continue a healthy and happy relation with your partner despite a hectic schedule. Due to lack of time and busy timetable now-a-day’s couples tend to take one another for granted. Fast-paced lifestyles can often infringe upon your personal lives, leaving little time to strengthen the bonds in your relationship. This further leads to boredom in the relation. To avoid such conditions and to keep the passion burning between you two, some sorts of activities are essential. This is when Love Activities for Couples comes handy letting the couples spend some quality time.

By the time you realize the lost of bond, it might just be too late to get the chemistry back or to repair the connection. Even couples who are married for years might at times feel the dullness in their bonding. And if there is no fun in a relation, it is natural to feel so. However there are ways and activities to indulge into to keep the love and commitment intact.

Love Activities For Couples

So Love activities for couples are best option to rejuvenate romance between the couples and take out their relationship out of the stagnation. Read through some of the best love activities for couples in order to keep the chemistry of your relation alive.

Love Activities for Couples


  • Plan a surprise date for your partner- In this busy world, dates word is limited to new couples only, but you can make it a special and rejuvenating for your love life by surprising her at her office exact the time she leaves it and take her to the romantic restaurant where you both had good memories and make a perfect date.
  • Elate your memories- This is really a fun and loving activity for couple by elating old memories by asking questions about the special days or events you both spent together. Live in your old memories and spending time together by talking and telling each other the most amazing moments of your love life. Spend time with each other only and switch off the cell phones, TV and all disturbing elements and be for each other only.
  • Try something new- You have gone to movies, concerts, dinners and long walks so many times, this time try something new and weird which you never thought of doing like sleeping at roof, travelling with no destination to reach, karaoke singing or anything you heard and find interesting but scared to that, try it with your love and make it special for both of you.
  • 100 reasons why I love you– Sit together and start writing about each other, why you both fall in love, reasons for loving more and more as the days are passing. Why you find each other perfect for spending life. Romantic points to sentiments include everything you both loved about each other and make diary or notes to use it for lifetime.
  • Make a photo album- Bring all your photos from the day first and start sorting them by dates or most special event of your life. Put the pictures of the day most close to your heart in the start of album and write short notes at the back of with date and time. Let each other know about the best memories of your past time.
  • Cook together for romantic dinner- Cooking together is yet another way of spending time with one another. One can take up to prepare the dinner while the other one can help out by arranging the dinner table with candles and champagne to have a romantic dinner. To make the ambience more pleasing some light jazz music can be turned on.
  • Plan out your favourite movie- On a weekend get a CD of the movie which both of you love watching. Avoid the the crowd of the theatre and plan out to watch it at home with some popcorn and other snacks to munch on. The great thing about watching movie at home is you get to choose the sound, laugh or cry as loud as you like while cuddling into each other.
  • Have shower together- Once in a while hit the the showers for a nice warm aromatherapy bath. Shampoo each other’s heads and scrub each other’s back. Light up some nice aromatherapy candles in the bathroom to have a more relaxed ambience. The bath can also be followed by rubbing oil/lotion on each other.
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