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7 Signs He is Perfect for You

Life becomes more enticing when you have your Mr. Perfect with you. A man is known for his hard exterior, but a soft heart for the person he loves! With an ideal man, you can spend your life effortlessly. It’s not about how he looks or what he wears, but about the intentions, feelings and the efforts he is ready to make with you as a whole.


But who is this Mr. Right, and how do you know that you have found him? These 7 signs indicate that your boyfriend is your Mr. Perfect or not?


  • He appreciates who you are.

You are exquisite in your manner. He loves the way you are without any complaints. He accepts your crazy antics and serious tones with a smile. He doesn’t want to alter anything about you.

  • He keeps his promises.

A gentleman never take a back-step from what he has promised! You can assure he makes vows that he intends to keep. He keeps his promises under any circumstance and makes you smile with his sweet gestures.

  • He gives you space.

The perfect boyfriend understands the true meaning of “personal-space” and doesn’t breach into the privacy of his girl. Maintain the essence of love preserved in a relationship by giving space to each other.

  • He is not jealous or insecure.

Why she’d texted him? Did she go out for a coffee with that “guy”? An ideal boyfriend doesn’t pay heed to such trivial things. He trusts He trusts your every action without having a streak of doubt.

  • He expresses his love.

He sweeps you off your feet with his lovey-dovey gestures. He expresses his love in his own style, by giving you small bits of happiness and surprises with his sweet actions.

  • He Fights On Small Things.

Couples do have different opinions and perspectives leading to small fights. Through his wit and rationality, he never gets into mature arguments. He favors small fights to “spice” up his relationship.

  • He makes you feel beautiful.

You don’t have to apply those extra layers of make-up just to look beautiful. When you’re with him, he makes you feel the most beautiful lady on Earth. He never compares you with anyone. He likes the way you are!

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