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Taurus Love Compatibility Horoscope

Genuine Taureans are generally natural – ‘slow but sure’. Their ‘bullishness’ can under excessive stress be indicated in aggressive reactions of anger, but more usually they are like oxen, plodding ahead continuously, highly and absolutely. Taurus is an ‘earthy’ indication of the horoscope and content things are of significant significance to the common Taurean. He or she is no ascetic, cuisine on dry breads and water, but revels in all’1he tastes, adoring the treats of the desk, actual relations with the other gender, convenience and splendid luxuries of every type. Material belongings are important to the Taurean. Tauras Horoscope 2014 and Taurus relationship compatibility shows up details about this zodiac sign which unique characteristics and relationship with other signs of astrology.

Taurus Love Compatibility Horoscope

Taurus Man


A simple man with unpredictable personality with good built and health is Taurus Man. He is a free bird even when he is in love and the more you try to hold him, he will slip out from you. He can’t stay in boundaries, don’t set the rules for him, he will never follow them. When you are with him, he will think about you only but after some time he is busy in his own life.  Love is not the factor to stop him to change. If something has gone wrong, he will first blame himself for it and then others. He loves surprising people but plays very easy. He lives with so much practicality in mind and takes decisions for future. He is always in search of anew puzzle, new people in life, analyze them and solve the mystery. After knowing that mystery he looks for another one as he loves changes and move on so easily. He has quality friends in his bucket. He is a cool, understanding, and able to work   well, and very artistic. He is very straight forward and never advice anyone till he asked for it.

Taurus Woman


A slim and moderate woman with square face is a description of Taurus woman. Taurus woman incessantly changes and never share her feelings with anyone. She is a patient person, but always need new excitement. She hates   long talk meeting, long and endless conversation. She loves for days but not for life time, it’s so easy for her to forget love relation and move on. She is very committed to her dreams and do everything to achieve them. Money is not an important element in Taurus woman’s life but she loves to work and can’t sit idle at home. She has no space for love and romance in her life. She doesn’t know how to show love but she is very honest in her love relation. She is scared of rejection and never shows her feelings because of that. She just needs freedom in her life and then she will be the best partner in love relation. She is not bothered about what other think about her and feel free to express her emotions trough her gestures and clothes. She is kind of confident and self-dependent in her decisions

Taurus Love Compatibility Horoscope


  • Taurus-Virgo love compatibility horoscope- There will be love at first sight- Both are homebodies and they discuss the same perceptive activities. The Taurus is not against convenience, but his/her design in love can be distressing for Virgo. But in the other factors of lifestyle they don’t have many issues. Taurus’s tenaciousness and Virgo’s distinct thoughts are an excellent mixture for achievements as a group. And Taurus keeps a cautious eye on expenses, which is very pleasing to cash conscious Virgo. An excellent relationship is possible, but it requirements to be more individual from the partners of the both zodiacs.
  • Taurus-Capricorn love compatibility horoscope- Both partners having common knowing of each other people’s individualities. Both the Capricorn and the Taurus like cash, and sure that the protection is really essential. While the Taurus is an individual the Capricorn is prepared to perform for both of them. Taurus can get through to aloof, careful Capricorn and provides the motivation and responsiveness required. Both have natural, enthusiastic naturel, and delicate Taurus can tap the deeply well of romanticism that can be found under Capricorn’s source. Taurus will need to be delicate to Capricorns stress and be willing to discuss it and convenience his problem of shame he/she may experience because of it. There are ideal leads for that several and it can come to be a very suitable wedding.
  • Taurus-Cancer love compatibility horoscope- Usually this creates an excellent mixture. Both need protection and a feeling of durability, and both adore, passionate, and enthusiastic as well. The Cancer contributes to this nation more sensuous moments and creativity. Both are enthusiastic and do not needs any unnecessary help to be satisfied with each other. The Taurus is usually a receptive individual. The Cancer is sensitive. The knowing of each other issues will help the everyday living of enjoyable relation. An effective wedding is possible if situation these two are willing to provide rather than get.
  • Taurus-Pisces love compatibility horoscope -This usually is a very satisfied mixture. Taurus is a powerful, trustworthy determine who can provide protection and balance for vacillating Pisces. Trying to help Pisces make all of their goals come real, kindly and effectively motivating them, a persevering Taurus can accomplish all what he wants from these relations. Achievements of their love related balance are determined by the Taurus. These two can discuss a lot of their admiration for elegance, art, and sensuous moments and just about any of the better items in life. Pisces is quickly cloudy by feelings but can be taken to truth by Taurus’ down to world characteristics. Taurus can be assisted to desire by the Pisces character. There are good leads for exciting event as well as for healthier wedding.
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