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Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

Scorpion relationship compatibility with other zodiacs depends a lot on their individualities rather than the mutual chemistry. Therefore let us first have a look at their personality traits. Scorpions are in general problem solving people who love emotional attention. They are highly ambitious individuals who take challenge as it comes. These broad minded people are often very peaceful and calm. Scorpions have this distinct talent to convert an embarrassing situation for themselves into a humiliating one for the other. The highly energetic people cannot be tamed or confined. Their craving for success is unmatched by any other zodiac. They are also very witty and high headed people.


They are also the most misunderstood people in life. People see their flair for individuality and accomplishments as arrogant and insulting. But in reality they are very loving and caring people. But they are not very good with romance and verbal expression of love. But it takes a whole lot of effort to pave way to their hearts.



Let us take you on a tour of the scorpion relationship compatibility with other signs. Check out where you stand in a love affair with the ambitious individual.


Scorpio Relationship Compatibility


  • Scorpio Relationship Compatibility with Aries- The enthusiastic world is waiting for the relation between a Scorpio and an Aries. A Scorpio is prepared for closeness whereas an Aries does not have the attention in closeness. The weak point in the compatibility is that an Aries never recalls the toughest times of life but Scorpio does not remember the severity done to him.
  • Scorpio Love Compatibility with Taurus- A few issues may occur as Scorpio reveals possessiveness and Taurus is envious. The relation may not turn out to be excellent unless they try to compromise. Taurus and Scorpio both have to learn to show their emotions freely.
  • Scorpio Relationship Compatibility with Libra- Scorpions are persistent and customary and if they want they can show Librans the actual significance of real love and relation. Librans are brilliant, enchanting and peaceful individualities. As opposed to Scorpions, Librans do not believe in serious responsibilities. Both love challenges and the love compatibility is good.
  • Scorpio Love Compatibility with Gemini- Scorpions are envious and likes controlling, Geminis are self-centered, reckless and diplomatic. Geminians are amazing and enthusiastic but cannot take a stand. They really like and appreciate to be seen in public configurations and Scorpions however, are discreet and search for comfort. Both are almost opposing in their nature.
  • Scorpio Love Compatibility with Leo- Leo is conceited and extremely content whereas Scorpions are controlling and envious. The duo usually gets heated-up and could end in a nasty relation. Both will be attracted to each other’s curiosity but their rage will make it challenging.
  • Scorpio Relationship Compatibility with Cancer- Cancerians are delicate, caring, intense lovers. There are various features that are identical which will make the Scorpion and the Cancerian love compatibility great. A Scorpion will always assist a Cancerian and in return, a Cancerian will provide love and passion which a Scorpion is looking for a while.
  • Scorpio Love Compatibility with Virgo- In spite of dissimilar traits, Scorpio and Virgo are quite a perfect match for each other. Virgo is very critical, precise and methodical. Both will foster respect for each other, along with strong commitment and love. The only drawback is that Virgos are more expressive and logical and Scorpions are secretive which may compromise the relationship compatibility.
  • Scorpio Love Compatibility with Scorpio- The relationship between two Scorpio people will be a bitter-sweet one. They have the same good features and they share the same adverse attributes. This enhances the love compatibility.
  • Scorpio Relationship Compatibility with Sagittarian- Scorpions and Sagittarians’ relation can be interesting and motivating. Sagittarians are very energetic, bold and loquacious. They can add lustre to the life of Scorpions. Scorpions, however, are very enthusiastic and devoted as well as powerful and serious.
  • Scorpio Relationship Compatibility with Capricorn- Scorpions are psychologically very challenging and Capricorns will struggle to stay up to their objectives. If there is anything at all that can keep these two zodiacs together, it may be their actual connection and feelings.
  • Scorpio Love Compatibility with Aquarius – Scorpio and Aquarius’ love compatibility cannot arrive at an advanced stage unless they provide some space to each other. Aquarians have the propensity to get annoyed very quickly. Scorpions cannot accept Aquarian’s mood-swings.
  • Scorpio Relationship Compatibility with Pisces- Scorpio and Pisces share amazing love compatibility as both are ‘water’ signs. Scorpions have a powerful energy of perseverance. But, they are also envious, controlling and sometimes powerful whereas Pisces are very lovely and enchanting.
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