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Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility

Before we proceed to Sagittarius relationship compatibility, let us find out the traits of the fire sign. Sagittarians are straight forward people with no tolerance for hypocrisy and falsehood. The fire sign is very spontaneous and adventurous which has some impact on their love compatibility. They have immense love for wisdom and endless quest for learning which makes Sagittarius compatible with almost every sign. Though their crisp humour earns them a lot of friends, their foot in mouth syndrome often offends people. But this freedom loving archer has no ill intentions.  These lively individuals are short tempered but kind hearted who gets hurt easily. The happy-go-lucky Sagittarius is derived by dynamism.

Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility

Let us find out the Sagittarius relationship compatibility with other zodiac signs.


Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility with other Zodiac


  • Aries– Sagittarius and Aries relation will have a lot of energy and passion. Both Aries and Sagittarius will appreciate each other’s company and their vitality increases as the relation develops. Both will assistance one another in handling problems and breakdowns.
  • Taurus– Taurus individuals love to sit by the fire place, reading the novel. They want to be home more rather than exploring new places like the Sagittarians do. The compatibility really performs well if the Taurus tries to stabilise the spontaneous Archer by his/her wisdom. Overall, the relationship compatibility is good.
  • Gemini– Sagittarius and Gemini are unsettled and vulnerable to justifications. They find it difficult to adhere to one position or an individual for a long time. A Gemini takes life as it comes whereas a Sagittarius is much more philosophical about life. But the love compatibility will not experience any serious issues as both the Sagittarius and Gemini are quite versatile and easy going.
  • Leo– The connection between a Sagittarius and a Leo is a loving one. Leo and Sagittarius share a passionate relation. Leo and Sagittarius both love to interact with new people. But sometimes the flirty nature of a Sagittarius may alienate the loyal Leo which can create issues in their love compatibility. Also, the possessiveness of a Leo does not go down well with the Sagittarius.
  • Cancer– Sagittarius are simple, uncomplicated and brilliant people while Cancerians are insecure and sensitive. A Sagittarius will offer relaxation and satisfaction to the Cancerian via their sense of humour but will be incapable to comprehend their swift change in mood. The love compatibility of these zodiacs is not that great.
  • Virgo– A Sagittarius is too impassioned, unique and premature to comprehend the values of a relationship while a Virgo has a comprehensive look at the circumstances. The love compatibility is reasonable if they can respect each other’s choices.
  • Libra– The love compatibility between Sagittarians and Librans is awesome. Librans like to keep things stable and balanced. Sagittarians are brilliant and fun loving. But, Librans have an unusual feature of transiting from one stage of feelings to other. At one point they are satisfied but the next moment they will become very depressed whereas Sagittarians are easy going and extrovert. Librans will always be assisting the Fire sign in discovering the stability and Sagittarians will lift up the Libran’s spirit.
  • Scorpio– Sagittarius are very energetic, bold, and loquacious. They can add colors to the life of the Scorpions. Scorpions, however, are very enthusiastic and devoted beings as well as powerful and serious. Sagittarians take issues and even relations lightly but Scorpions are very serious toward their relationships.
  • Sagittarian– When two Sagittarius individuals come together, this would mean only one thing – plenty of fun. As to the love compatibility, it doesn’t seem to be bad either. Both the individuals really like to travel and discover new locations. As associates, two Sagittarians will discuss the positive outlook towards life and their liking for adventure.
  • Capricorn– Sagittarians are eager, brilliant and open minded people. However, Capricorns are very honest, organized and calm. The Capricorn will motivate and help the Sagittarius in their goals but from the back-end. The two zodiacs are poles apart that are trying to satisfy the other but might find it difficult in the end.
  • Aquarius– The love compatibility of a Sagittarius and an Aquarius seems organic because of their shared passions. They have an inclination towards enjoyment and they really like to socialise. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are easy-going and take life as it comes and are not driven by feelings.
  • Pisces– Pisces and Sagittarius are both jolly kind of people and love is always in the air for them. The love compatibility of this combination is great, given the few short comings, which both can deal by communicating.
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