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Pisces Relationship Compatibility

Before getting to know the Pisces relationship compatibility, let us know a little bit about the zodiac’s characteristics. Pisces, symbolised by the fish, is one of the most delicate zodiacs of the astrology. When you get to know a Pisces, you will discover that he/she is a very shy person, who is introspective and has a careful mind. They are kind towards everyone and never judge any individual. Pisces horoscope 2013 will help you to know more about the love predictions of Piscean in present year with other zodiac signs.

The modest individuals try to comprehend individuals rather than assess them and it makes Pisces relationship compatibility with other zodiac signs great. If a Piscean chooses to go against the tide, you can be sure he/she will reach to the greatest echelons of achievements.

Pisces Relationship Compatibility

The next segment will take you on a ‘starry’ journey to the Pisces relationship compatibility with other zodiacs.

Pisces Relationship Compatibility


  • Pisces Love Compatibility with Aries- Pisceans are very delicate and psychological. As opposed to Arians, Pisceans are shy and insistent. Arians like their smooth and soothing way of adoring. The connection may go through tough times. But Arian’s intellect and Piscean’s smooth love keep the relationship compatibility good.
  • Pisces Relationship Compatibility with Taurus- The love compatibility of this match is affected by certain differences. A Taurus loves to lead a simple life and believes in practical approach towards life whereas a Pisces individual always lives in the world of dreams where he/she does not have clarity about ideas. This love match will maintain harmony on the compatibility graph.
  • Pisces Relationship Compatibility with Libra- The Libra and Pisces, if united in a relationship will have to bear lots of complications and confusions. The latter are very sensitive and befuddled people. On the other hand, Librans are very easy-going and pleasant persons and the behaviour of a Piscean may lash them into resentment.
  • Pisces Love Compatibility with Gemini- The attributes which damage this love compatibility are the psychological characteristics of the Piscean and uncaring nature of the Gemini. Still the relationship can be made to work if both try to reconcile their differences.
  • Pisces Love Compatibility with Leo- Pisces easily approves of the choices of the Leo, who likes to lead. Pisces relationship compatibility goes great with Leo.
  • Pisces Relationship Compatibility with Cancer- Pisces and Cancer are water signs and so they will have great love compatibility. For a Cancerian, a Piscean will be like an inspiration and ideal as the letter is very perceptive and loving. They will bestow Cancerians with all the affection, kindness and support. A Cancerian will bind emotionally with the fish sign. This is one of the best matches among all zodiacs.
  • Pisces Relationship Compatibility with Virgo- Virgo is organized and well-structured and while Pisces really like to stay in dream world leaving their obligations behind. Both of them are very soft by nature and do not aim high in life. The love compatibility is quite appropriate to some extent.
  • Pisces Relationship Compatibility with Scorpio- Scorpio and Pisces share amazing connection. Pisceans comprehend Scorpios completely and will always try to satisfy them. In return, Scorpions also display commitment to their love.
  • Pisces Love Compatibility with Sagittarian- Piscean and Sagittarian are jolly kind of people and love is in the air for them always. A Sagittarius is full of energy and on the opposite a Pisces is non-resistant and too sensitive to the environment. The relationship compatibility is not so bad apart from a few short comings which both can deal with easily.
  • Pisces Love Compatibility with Capricorn- A Capricorn does like to live in dreams but a Pisces is a day dreamer. The relationship compatibility blossoms gradually.
  • Pisces Relationship Compatibility with Aquarius- Originally both the zodiacs will really like each other’s company. A Pisces will always find satisfaction and fun in an Aquarius individual and in return Pisceans being sympathetic will try to take Aquarians on their journey to the dreamland. However, Pisces looks for a less psychological soul-mate. Therefore, the couple may not be able to get along in the long-run.
  • Pisces Relationship Compatibility with Pisces-Pisces are introvert type of people so it is too difficult to know them well. This sign possesses some unique characteristics. Hence, their nature is mixed up, little difficult to unwrap their feelings. Pisces never like to advice others and they hate to boast about themselves rather let their deeds speak for them. Two Pisces share great love compatibility owing to their similar nature and opinions.
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