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Love Numerology

The purpose of this write up is to give you some insight into your love life based on the predictions of love numerology. Numerology is an ancient belief, like astrology, which is used to determine the characteristics, love compatibility and future of an individual. The distinction between astrology and numerology is that the astrological predictions are based on the movements of the planets at the time of your birth. But numerology enumerates your love compatibility and future on the basis of the numbers of your birth date.


The love numerology can help you understand your aspirations and expectations from a relationship. Love numerology also gives you a fair idea about your love compatibility with the other numerological numbers. Just like your birth sign, the numerological numbers also influence your love life and the kind of lover you will be. Love numerology can tell you about your perfect match and which relationship will work well for you. Further, like astrology, love numerology can also help you improve your relationships. An insight into the factors that influence your love life can also help you become a better lover and understand the needs and aspirations of your relationship better. Love numerology also warns you about any setbacks or pitfalls that can hamper your relationship.

Love Numerology


Browse through the following section to find out what love numerology has to say about you as a lover.

Love Numerology


  • Born on 1st of any month- These individuals possess leadership qualities and loves freedom. When it comes to love they like to take the lead. These self- centred persons love fun and excitement and are willing to take on new adventures. The number ones find it difficult to settle with one partner and gets bored easily.
  • Born on 2nd of any month- As per love numerology, the number 2 is a peace loving person. They are ruled by the moon. These individuals are generally very emotional and offer a great level of dedication and emotional security in a relationship. The number 2 is the one who provides stability to a love affair.
  • Born on 3rd of any month- Number 3 are usually very outgoing persons who like to socialise and have fun. They are very optimistic in their outlook. These adventurous persons are very happy lovers and instil a lot of energy into the relation. But they do not like to be controlled by their lover. Given enough space and freedom, they prove to very loyal.
  • Born on 4th of any month- Those born on the 4th are very helpful and practical in their approach. By nature these people are workaholic and pays attention to the details. They are very trustworthy lovers and are often the trouble shooters in a love affair.
  • Born on 5th of any month- According to love numerology, number 5 are very intellectual and creative people. Their witty nature attracts the opposite gender. They are very adaptive lovers but need dynamism and variations in love life to keep going.
  • Born on 6th of any month- Love numerology describes these persons as very stable and devoted lovers. They love peace and harmony and are very compassionate lovers. Number 6 are very homely and family loving persons. However on the flip side, they are little superficial and possessive in love.
  • Born on 7th of any month- Those governed by number 7 are very spiritual and non-materialistic persons. They are very spaced out and hard to reach due to their introspective and self-absorbed nature. But they are unexpectedly romantic and passionate in love. However, there idealistic expectations from a relationship may alienate and disappoint these quiet beings.
  • Born on 8th of any month- These individuals are very ambitious, organised and courageous. And generally are successful and strong business persons. They are very committed lovers and offer stability and security in a relationship. But their materialistic approach and non-romantic nature often does not go well for their love life as per numerology.
  • Born on 9th of any month- Those born on 9th are very tolerant and helpful beings. Although a little impractical and restless individuals they are very devoted and involved lovers. They are very emotional and help their lover in distress. Love numerology describes them as very active and determined lovers.
  • Born on 10th of any month- According to love numerology predictions, those who are born on the 10th are very ambitious and original in their thoughts and actions. These individuals love to experiment a lot and have a liking for adventures. They look for both physical and intellectual chemistry in relationships.
  • Born on 11th of any Month- 11 is a master number in numerology and the persons governed by this number are very innovative, tolerant, intuitive and humanitarian. They are very selfless, romantic, compromising and accepting lovers.
  • Born on 12th of any Month- Those born on 12th have 3 (1+2) as their numerological number. These fun loving individuals love to experiment a lot in life. They are usually attracted to glamorous persons and are very idealistic lovers.
  • Born on 13th of any Month- As per love numerology the 13th born are emotional and steady lovers. Despite their cold personalities they can prove to be romantic and passionate. These serious lovers can’t tolerate stagnation and possessiveness in a relationship.
  • Born on 14th of any Month- Governed by numerological number 5, these curious and friendly creatures always find many admirers in the opposite gender. Their general tendency is to flirt and often find it hard to commit in a relationship.
  • Born on 15th of any Month- Ruled by Venus, these hard working beings hate discord and chaos. Blessed with an attractive and magnetic personality, they have a strong inclination towards physical pleasures. They are deeply hurt when things do not work well in a relationship.
  • Born on 16th of any Month- Typically, the 16th born are highly organised and complicated types with a psychic streak. They are sensitive and emotional lovers who place heart above mind when in love.
  • Born on 17th of any Month- Embraced with practicality and realism, these ambitious people look for partners who share their aspirations. These committed and responsible lovers may suffer a heart break if their partner does not reciprocate their love.
  • Born on 18th of any Month- Often taken for granted, these lively and outgoing individuals are very charming and attractive lovers. They give a lot to a relationship. Although pushing them for something may prove counter-productive.
  • Born on 19th of any Month- Ruled by the numerological number 1, the 19th born are adventurous individuals who love to be playful when it comes to romance. As per love numerology, they can be good lovers if given enough space.
  • Born on 20th of any Month- Ready to go to any extent to make a relationship work, the 20 born individual is described as a caring and understanding lover by numerology. These individuals are reserved by nature and give utmost importance to respect and love.
  • Born on 21st of any Month- The life of any social gathering, these energetic individuals can’t be tied down with responsibilities and duties. Monotony in love life can estrange them as predicted by love numerology.
  • Born on 22nd of any Month- It is another one of the master numbers in numerology. Number 22 are essentially down to earth, visionary and resourceful people. They are very passionate and intense lovers who do not give up in love.
  • Born on 23rd of any Month- Love numerology describes them as adaptive and vibrant lovers. These individuals are instinctively flirtatious and consider many options before finally committing to a relationship.
  • Born on 24th of any Month- The individuals born under the numerological number 6 are blessed with extraordinary love making skills. They are devoted lovers who invest considerate time and energy into a relationship.
  • Born on 25th of any Month- This group of people prefers to stay away from materialism and are loners as per love numerology interpretations. They usually make for intellectual and sensitive lovers.
  • Born on 26th of any Month- Known for going against the flow, these rebellious spirits are labelled as committed and realistic lovers. Love numerology recommends that these responsi9ble and brave individuals should look for a partner who shares there power drive.
  • Born on 27th of any Month- Dedicated and compassionate lovers, the 27th born are governed by the numerological number 9. They are often blessed with great physical appearance which attracts the opposite gender to them easily.
  • Born on 28th of any Month- Described as physically vigorous and emotional lovers by love numerology, they often come across as self- centred, intellectual and cheerful persons.
  • Born on 29th of any Month- Those born on 29th, are labelled as calm and composed partners by love numerology. They are known for their emotional temperament and adaptive nature.
  • Born on 30th of any Month- Particular about their freedom and say in a relationship, the 30th born have a special love for uncertainty and travelling. They are also very ambitious and dreamy.
  • Born on 31st of any Month- Those who are born on the 31st give a special place to physical desires and intimacy in their lives. They are termed as serious lovers by love numerology.
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