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Leo Relationship Compatibility

Like a Lion, Leos have an appearance of royals. Leos are willing for action and are motivated by the desire to be liked by others for what they do. A Leo is a true follower and a magnanimous head and that strengthen Leo relationship compatibility with others. A once amazing Leo can go freezing, once scorned in love. Usually Leos are drawn to the cinema; artistry and advertising. The individuals born under the Leo sign are extremely hard working and have immense energy, perseverance and bravery.

Leos really like to be popular and valued. They always represent a ‘larger-than-life’ picture and are incredibly nice by nature. They are incredibly devoted and reliable and once he had discovered his lioness, there are unusual possibilities of straying off. He may also sulk if his needs are not met instantly. When in love, the Lion is passionate and loving.

Leo Relationship Compatibility

The Leo shares an excellent love compatibility with only a few zodiac signs, who can comprehend him or her completely. Learn more about Leo personality in Leo horoscope 2013.

Leo Relationship Compatibility


Leo Love Compatibility with Aries– They both crave for fun in a relationship. A Leo respects an Arian’s need for independence because an Arian does not intervene much in the life of a Leo. Aries will really like the charm of the Leo. The only issue is that both are egotistic. The relationship compatibility can be good if both try to accommodate each other’s needs.

Leo Relationship Compatibility with Taurus– Perseverance and decision making are the typical features of both of them. Some issues may occur due to their individualistic tendencies. The love compatibility is not so great due to their dominating nature.

Leo Relationship Compatibility with Libra– Leo and Libra both really like to go to public events. They like to interact with each other too. This relation is powerful enough to deal with negative circumstances due to their opposite personality traits. This couple prefers to enjoy candle lit meals, long walks, etc.

Leo Love Compatibility with Gemini– A Gemini and a Leo like to have fun and really enjoy each other’s company. Leos are more capable of developing long-lasting ties than Gemini. Leo’s delicate ego may get hurt by the blunt Gemini. The relationship compatibility can be good if both try to adapt to each other’s needs.

Leo Love Compatibility with Leo– The issue in the relationship compatibility between two lions will be that neither will be ready to take the behind the scenes role. Both of them want to be dominant and be in charge of things. Their like nature negatively affects this alliance.

Leo Love Compatibility with Cancer– Their love compatibility is good as a Leo wants to be the head and a cancer is a true follower. This love relation may turn into a successful marriage. The compatibility will not get impacted by their personal dispositions.

Leo Relationship Compatibility with Virgo– The love compatibility of this relation will be impacted due to Leo’s aversion to taking advices and Virgo’s mind-set of a critique. Leo always prefers to ‘show-off’ and on the opposite Virgo avoids being in the focus. This relation may perform well if both of them are prepared to respect each other’s perspective.

Leo Relationship Compatibility with Scorpio– Leo is conceited whereas Scorpions are controlling and envious. Both will be attracted towards each other but their rage will make it challenging to keep up. Leo’s popularity and grand mind-set may not be accepted by a Scorpion.

Leo Love Compatibility with Sagittarius– The relationship between Leo and Sagittarius is a loving one. But the possessiveness of a Leo may not allow a Sagittarius to enjoy their freedom. Sometimes the flirty nature of Sagittarius may envy the Leo which can create slight issues in their relationship compatibility.

Leo Relationship Compatibility with Capricorn– A Capricorn’s lifestyle is regulated and aloof but a Leo is very expressive and spiritual. Their connection can go a lengthy way if they try to overlook their short comings. Commitment and affection can enhance their love compatibility.

Leo Love Compatibility with Aquarius– Assurance and perceptive energy of Aquarius may entice a Leo who reveals actual fascination. Even though Leo and Aquarius do not share many traits but they appreciate a reasonable interface.

Leo Relationship Compatibility with Pisces- Pisces easily confirms to the choices of the Leo. This keeps the love compatibility steady. But Leo will have to put in effort to know the Pisces as the fish sign does not open up easily.

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