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Gemini Relationship Compatibility

Gemini represents dual characteristics i.e., they may like two things which may be reverse to each other. For some the Gemini’s company may seem to be fun while others may see Gemini as superficial due to their skill to adjust with the changing gusts of wind. Gemini people take up the third place in the astrology. They will be happy and satisfied one minute, sorrowful and serious the very next time.

Mercury instils in them attributes like flexibility, variety, inconsistency and eagerness. They are brilliant people, who are always looking for pleasure. However, it is very challenging for them to stay enthusiastic about particular subject or a particular individual for too long. They get on well with people and are always on good terms with others.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility

As far as the love and relationship compatibility of Gemini is concerned, the commitment-phobic people clicks well with Leo, Libra, Aquarius and Aries signs. Know about their love compatibility with other zodiacs.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility

Gemini Relationship Compatibility with Aries– the Aries and Gemini have zero patience for dullness and will at once get rid of anything boring. An Arian will let a Gemini appreciate his or her independence and the Gemini will respect the Aries personality. They have few love compatibility issues.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility with Taurus– Geminis can balance things quickly with Taurus.  But the Taurians are very relaxed and are generally satisfied with life, while Gemini people are mostly unsettled. These opposite attributes can sometime lead to further problems in their love compatibility.

Gemini Love Compatibility with Libra– Geminis and Librans have gregarious characteristics. A Libran is thoughtful towards family members. This is one of the strong points of this love match. They are likely to agree on each and everything. Dullness will never encroach upon this connection. The relationship compatibility is amazing over all.

Gemini Love Compatibility with Gemini– When a Gemini gets together with another Gemini, the outcome is never-ending fun and power. Both the persons are comical, amazing and chatty. They really like change as adhering to one thing makes them too dry and tired. Two Gemini people, when in a relation, can keep each other entertained for years. They will appreciate each other’s company.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility with Leo– Astrologically speaking, a Gemini and a Leo like to have fun and are amazing by nature. But this is not all; the different passions of Gemini may kindle envy in the Leo. Leos are more capable of developing long-lasting ties than Geminis. Leo’s delicate ego may get hurt by Gemini’s sharp tongue.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility with Cancer– This love match does not have much in common with one another. They have their own strategy towards fixing issues. On the good side the wit, spontaneity and intelligence of the Gemini will entice the Crab and will help in maintaining reasonable love compatibility.

Gemini Love Compatibility with Virgo– Both Gemini and Virgo are perceptive and realistic. However, love compatibility issues may slide in due to misconception created by collected emotions.

Gemini Love Compatibility with Scorpio– Geminis are amazing and enthusiastic but cannot take on vengeful activities. They love and appreciate to be seen in public sphere and Scorpions, however, are discreet and look for comfort. Geminis are self-centred, reckless and diplomatic; Scorpions are envious and controlling. The duo will have to put a lot of effort to keep the love compatibility at bay.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility with Sagittarius– Geminis and a Sagittarians are unsettled and vulnerable to justifications. They find it difficult to adhere to a position or an individual for a prolonged time. A Geminian takes life as it comes whereas a Sagittarian is much more philosophical about life. But the relation will not experience any serious issue as both Sagittarians and Geminis are quite versatile and adaptable.

Gemini Love Compatibility with Capricorn– A Capricorn is very particular about things while it seems a tedious process for a Gemini to adhere to guidelines. The relationship compatibility of this connection can be strengthened if Gemini tries to take things seriously and in turn Capricorn can indulge in fun activities.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility with Aquarius– The love compatibility of this relationship is increased by their identical perspective about life. A Geminian will really like the creativeness of an Aquarian, who will in return revere a Geminian’s free will.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility with Pisces– The attributes which damage the love compatibility are the psychological characteristics of the Pisces and uncaring nature of the Gemini. A Piscean is quixotic and a Geminian believes in practicality.

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