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Aquarius Love Compatibility

This piece will give you a detailed view on the Aquarius relationship compatibility and their personality traits. An Aquarian loves independence and in their thirst to seek freedom, they like to detach themselves from the world. Although, they are capable of making lot of friends but can rarely find close friends. Aquarians are good-looking persons and have very different outlook towards the life. Their love may be deep and passionate but commitment may sound as a very heavy term to them.

 An Aquarian is able to provide good company filled with fun and excitement but may overlook some very important matters of life. The bond with an Aquarius will be interesting and fulfilling. However, as far as his own feelings and emotions are concerned, they are totally out of range for everyone and can be best understood by the matching Aquarius love compatibility zodiac signs.

Aquarius Love Compatibility


Now let us proceed to Aquarius love compatibility with the other zodiac signs in the following segment and discover their best match for dating.


Aquarius Love Compatibility


  • Aquarius Love Compatibility with Aries-The relationship compatibility of Aries and Aquarius is very exciting and amazing as they both carry the same characteristics of freedom and exuberance. Since both of them are incredibly powerful and lively, their connection will hardly lose lustre. It is a very good match!
  • Aquarius Relationship Compatibility with Taurus-Taurus is lusty and prefers convenience. Aquarius is always prepared to change with time and likes to take life as it comes. Both Taurus and Aquarius are very persistent in their nature which may cause some problems.
  • Aquarius Love Compatibility with Gemini-Aquarian is attracted to a Gemini’s spontaneity and identical perspective in life. A Gemini will really like the creativity of an Aquarian. Both share good relationship compatibility.
  • Aquarius Love Compatibility with Cancer-The delicate Cancerian will not be able to hold-on to the persistent Aquarius. Cancerians look for protection and comfort in an alliance but Aquarius’ discreet characteristics can make things unpleasant. To sum up, the love compatibility is not excellent.
  • Aquarius Relationship Compatibility with Leo-The love compatibility of this couple is decent but their physical chemistry is excellent. To work out this relationship they will have to work upon their ego. Sometimes Leo’s pride may get hurt due to Aquarius’ flak characteristics; still they manage to share reasonable love compatibility.
  • Aquarius Relationship Compatibility with Virgo-Both the zodiacs are brilliant and will share a lot of intellectual conversations. Unlike Aquarius a Virgo has the propensity to fix the problem rationally. They try to match up to each other’s expectations and needs in their own way. So, the love compatibility is good enough between a Virgo and an Aquarius.
  • Aquarius Relationship Compatibility with Libra-Both of them really like to socialise. Aquarians are freedom lover and gregarious individual as Librans, so, they will never get tired with each other’s company. The love compatibility will be interesting and sensuous.
  • Aquarius Relationship Compatibility with Scorpio-Scorpio and Aquarius relation cannot progress to an advanced stage unless they give some space to each other. Aquarians have the tendency to get annoyed very quickly. Scorpions are dominating and cannot accept Aquarian’s mood-swings.
  • Aquarius Love Compatibility with Sagittarius-The relation of a Sagittarian and an Aquarian is organic because of their shared passions. Both Sagittarian and Aquarian are easy-going and take life as it comes and are not driven by feelings. Variations in temperament do not create any significant problem in their relationship compatibility.
  • Aquarius Relationship Compatibility with Capricorn-A Capricorn individual is down-to-earth while an Aquarius individual likes show off and does everything successfully. The relation is at the best when they both can enhance each other’s capabilities. The love compatibility may cruise on quickly if they try their best and neglect the adverse factors of each other.
  • Aquarius Relationship Compatibility with Aquarius-In their search for independence, Aquarians distance themselves from the world. An Aquarian is able to offer excellent company loaded with fun and enjoyment but may ignore some very essential issues of life. The connection between Aquarians will be exciting and satisfactory.
  • Aquarius Love Compatibility with Pisces-Originally both the zodiacs will really love each other’s company. Pisces will always find solace in an Aquarius and will try to take Aquarian on their journey to the dreamland. Pisces are very delicate and need a powerful character. However, Aquarius looks for a less psychological soul-mate. Therefore, the couple may not be able to get along in the long-run.
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