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What to Get Your Boyfriend?

As his birthday or your anniversary starts looming over the horizon you start pondering over what to get your boyfriend. We understand that it is always a tough call when you have to get a present for men.  After all they do not wear pretty dresses and carry classy hand bags! Also the choice is always limited when shopping for men and their collection is always boring and melancholic. If these are your common problems or rather explanations of being muddled when it comes to ‘what to get your boyfriend’, then you are at the right web address. Here is an array of ideas for gifts to get for your boyfriend which will not drain you mentally. We assure you that you will love shopping for these things to get your boyfriend.

While compiling this list we have taken due care to cater to the taste and needs of your boyfriend. Our ideas for romantic gifts to get your boyfriend will serve all sorts of men, whether they are the fashionable sorts or the techie type or have an inclination towards romanticism. Our list of gifts to get for your boyfriend covers all these categories extensively. Furthermore, we have taken due care to put things from every price range while incorporating the ideas for gift to get for your boyfriend.

What to Get Your Boyfriend?

Check out the next section to shortlist the gift to get for your boyfriend. We hope your search ends here!

Things to Get For Your Boyfriend


For the Techie Sorts– Tech savvy people are always obliged when their loved ones get them things which they like or rather need. If your boyfriend is head over heels into gadgets, then rather than trying to buy him a romantic gift; cherish his taste. You can choose what to get for your boyfriend from the following list.

  • Gadgets- headphones, touch pad, Xbox, PSP, speakers, camera
  • Phone and PC accessories- iPad sleeves, iphone lens covers, hands free kit, docking station
  • Latest- TV box, video games, trending clothes, matching accessories

For the Fashionable Types– The men who have an inclination towards style and elegance are the most easy to get a gift for. However you will have to pay attention to the colour choices and the brands as the fashion lovers are very particular about these. Take a sneak peak at the available options below:

  • Apparels- robe, pea coat, quilted jackets, cashmere scarf and socks, blazers, text tee shirts and caps.
  • Fashion Accessories- silver rings- preferably with minimal or no designs, ear pins, gloves, leather wallet, card holder or iPad case, cuff links, belt, watches, wrist bands. Many men also like bandanas and hair bands.
  • Shoes- Ankle length leather boots, golf shoes, hand stitched Italian leather formal shoes
  • Perfumes- always go for a high end brand or the one he uses.
  • Gift Cards- they are the best choice for the choosy sorts. Get your boyfriend a gift card of their favourite store or dine out card.
  • Hair and Skin care Products- complexion highlighter, organic toner, fruit scrub and shampoo. You can also opt for an all in one cleaning kit.

For the Die Hard Romantic Ones– If your man is very romantic and sentimental, personalised and crafted gifts are the best picks to get your boyfriend. Anything that expresses your love and affection will melt his heart. You can take a hint from the list below for ideas on what to get your boyfriend:

  • Love letters and Cards (you can take a cue from our letters and cards section)
  • Collage- You can either buy a collage frame or make one of your own and put some of your romantic photos and hand written notes in it.
  • Portraits- Get a portrait made of you two together or his family’s and present it along with a lovely note.
  • Wine- Plan a romantic evening with him and gift him his favourite wine. You can also couple it with two wine glasses.
  • Posh Hotel stay or Vacation- Book a room at a good hotel in your city or a cottage in the countryside with an amazing view for the weekend.

For the Artistic Kinds– Complementing your mate’s artistic side is a great idea to impress your boyfriend. It will also count as the most cherished and romantic gift for him. Look below to find out your options:

  • Writing- expensive ink pens, elegant notepads, pocket diary, a collection of his favourite books.
  • Music- guitar, software CDs,
  • Cooking- folding chopping board, brew kit, cutlery set, silver wares.
  • Photography- collage frames, lens cleaning kit, your lingerie photo shoot!

For the Geeks– the studious and scholar sort of guys are more utility oriented and practical. For them you should choose things that make their task easy.

  • Coffee machine- install one in their room or house library
  • Book shelf- gift a sandalwood classy bookshelf or an elegant table lamp.
  • Relaxing Gifts- aroma therapy kit, back massager, massage chair.
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